We’re Better Than This

In Matthew Good‘s newest journal entry he wrote what I found to be a direct and profound call to compassion and shared one way we can become active in realizing it.

“At what point did the lives of strangers become so unimportant that their loss no longer registers? At what point did we trade in our humanity for cable, for faster food, for never ending isles of fluorescent-lit nothingness? At what point did freedom become arrogant and arrogance necessity?
I would like to think that there is more to us. I will spend the rest of my life fighting to make sure that there is. You can join me by clicking here.”
Matthew Good

Should we not all be dedicating a part of our lives to doing the same, to bettering the world in the ways we are able to?

3 comments on “We’re Better Than This

  1. I'd like to join AI, but honestly it seems like these organization all want money. I'd rather actually do something than give money which probably just goes to pay the people who work for it rather than to good use.

  2. I like the sentiment and if and when I become employed, or even a moderately successful writer, I will contribute to AI. In fact, I sent them money, a bank draft I think, way back in 1990 or something when I was still in secondary school. I support many of their intiatives ideologically and think they do good work.

  3. Problem is, many people aren't event compassionate any longer to their *neighbors*, let alone strangers. Community's been lost in the modern shuffle.

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