Farewell To The Marquee Club

For years The Marquee Club, on Gottingen St. in Halifax, has been Nova Scotia’s finest venue for live music. Countless artists of the highest calibur have graced its stage and delighted music fans in this city. Some of the great concerts I was lucky enough to see at the Marquee included Hawksley Workman with Mark Bragg and the Black Wedding Band, Eyes For Telescopes and The Trews, Bif Naked, Buck 65 and Al Tuck, Big Sugar and The Trews, Joydrop and Buck 65, and April Wine. I had some of my most memorable concert experiences at The Marquee and treasured the atmosphere it held.
It struck me with a true sadness to hear that The Marquee will be closing on January 11, 2005 after providing Halifax with the service of its musical heart for so long. As an article in The Halifax Herald shared,

“The Marquee, which opened in March 1998 and has been a multiple winner for Venue of the Year at the East Coast Music Awards, has never made money, Syperek said.

Syperek noted he’s very proud of the club’s status as an incubator for local talent for bands like Joel Plaskett, Matt Mays and Jimmy Swift.
Wendy Phillips of Sonic Entertainment Group which manages those three artists, among others, says the team at the Marquee – Syperek, general manager Gordon Lapp and club talent buyer, Mike Campbell – is in it for the love of music, not merely to make money.
“They nurtured and promoted emerging and established local, national and international talent,” she said. “The closure of the Marquee Club would be a real blow to the East Coast music scene and local music lovers.””
– “Marquee Club to Close Jan. 11” – The Chronicle Herald

January 11th will truly be a sad day for Halifax in many ways. We are losing a cultural center of this wonderful city, a place that sparked the careers of many of Nova Scotia’s most remarkable talents and gave so many of us the joy of astounding live music. The Marquee will be missed, and I’ll hold memories of it close.
I’m hoping to see at least one more concert at The Marquee on December 23 when The Trews will perform there. It should be an exciting way to say goodbye.

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