How To Greet A War Criminal

On Tuesday, November 30, George Bush will be visiting Canada for his first official state visit. He will be meeting with Prime Minister Paul Martin to discuss various issues and attempt to gain contemptuous absolution of his guilt in the invasion of Iraq and other crimes. Such a coward is he that he will avoid speaking with our elected officials in Ottawa, as is customary for visiting leaders, fearing being booed for his numerous crimes and vile acts. Insead of this he will visiting the city I call home, beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. He will not be welcomed with open arms.
Bush’s visit to Halifax comes in the guise of thanking Canadians for opening our hearts, homes and borders to Americans and people of other nations following the attacks of September 11, 2001. Following that day Bush made little effort to acknowledge our aid, and we didn’t truly seek his approval, acting with compassion, not in expectation of recognition or reward. Now he claims to offer thanks for our help and presents his visit to Halifax in that light. Would it not have been a more sincere thanks for him to examine and respect the widespread opposition Canada presented to his invasion of Iraq, or to have listened to our concerns for his violations of human rights and his nation’s poor policy in many areas?
Across Canada on Tuesday and Wednesday we will offer Bush protests, a statement of our opposition to his invasion of Iraq and many of his policy decisions. We will present our vocal but peaceful opposition to many things this man has come to represent on the world stage and offer him no political or moral clemency in light of his arrogant and consistant defence of harmful, dangerous and immoral acts. A dangerous weave of violence, unilateralism, war, oppression, greed, corruption, terror, bigotry, deceit, arrogance and injustice has become the cloak Bush and his ilk and it’s a cloth that can not be trusted or tollerated.
On Wednesday I will be taking part in a protest here in Halifax to protest Bush’s visit and to voice our disgust at his actions. Before 10 a.m. I’ll be arriving at Grand Parade (1841 Argyle or Barrington St in front of City Hall) to join with other people of this city wishing to take part in the protest. From there we will march to Pier 21 to give as direct a confrontation to Bush as possible (he will be making his speach there at 10:30). It appears we’re being forced into a “designated area” by local law enforecement, and that’s a very discouraging turn of events, but it will not dissuade us from our peaceful protest.

I hope to document the protests as well as I am able to here at Frozen Truth . com, so please return to read my account and hopefully view some photos on Wednesday. If you happen to be here in Halifax I urge you to take part in this event and to read what is available at Halifax Peace Coalition. If you wish to take part in protests in other cities I encourage you to seek out information about them, and you can start at Halifax Peace Coalition as well.

Further information and arguements:

National Day of Mourning
“Across Canada people will be placing black paper in their windows and tying black ribbon everywhere they can to mourn for the destruction and massive loss of life caused by Bush’s policies. The very fact of Mr. Bush’s visit should not be a cause of annoyance, but rather a cause of deep profound grief, grief over the deaths of the victims of “The War on Terror”, including 100,000 Iraqis, over the torture at Abu Ghariab and Guantamo Bay, over creating a police-state in the US, and mourning over the death of human rights and international law.”
Halifax Peace Coalition

Tuesday 5pm, Victoria Park – Bush goes on Trial Under Canada’s Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act
“National Day of Action – Similar events to take place in cities and towns across Canada
Corner of South Park and Spring Garden
Bush goes on trial under Canada’s Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act.
After the trial we’ll escort Bush to the U.S. consulate on Lower Water St. We need you and all your friends to be in the juty so spread the word! Click here for a copy of the Lawyers Against War letter to Paul Martin explaining why Martin is obliged to issue a warrant for Bush’s arrest. Click here for a partial list of cross-Canada events.”
Halifax Peace Coalition

Wednesday 10am – Grand Parade, then march to Pier 21
Mass Gathering! – You’re Not Welcome!

“Start gathering well before 10am so we can leave Grand Parade on time!
Bush will be speaking at Pier 21 at 10:30am. We will gather in the Grand Parade square (1841 Argyle or Barrington St in front of City Hall) and march to Pier 21 to serve a warrant for the arrest of George Bush for his war crimes. Please bring placards and banners and wear a black arm band for mourning. We will leave Grand Parade at 10:00am.
The world will be watching us! Bush can run but he can’t hide from world opinion. Show the world that Halifax supports peace and social justice, self-determination the environment and other people. If you are coming from out of town, you may want to park outside of the city core and take any bus that goes downtown to avoid traffic and parking woes. Visit Metro Transit for bus schedules and maps.
At Pier 21 we will present the warrant for Bush’s arrest, present our banners (No thanks, eh! Why are you REALLY here? Friends don’t let friends commit war crimes, etc.), have a moment of silence to mourn the death and destruction caused by Bush policies and voice our concerns before returning to Grand Parade or returning home. We expect to be at Pier 21 from 10:30-11:00. This will be a peaceful protest.”
Halifax Peace Coalition

Should Canada indict Bush?
“The case for the prosecution looks quite promising. First, there is the fact of the Iraq war itself. After 1945, Allied tribunals in Nuremberg and Tokyo — in an astonishing precedent — ruled that states no longer had the unfettered right to invade other countries and that leaders who started such conflicts could be tried for waging illegal war.
Concurrently, the new United Nations outlawed all aggressive wars except those authorized by its Security Council.
Today, a strong case could be made that Bush violated the Nuremberg principles by invading Iraq. Indeed, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has already labelled that war illegal in terms of the U.N. Charter.
Second, there is the manner in which the U.S. conducted this war.
The mistreatment of prisoners at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison is a clear contravention of the Geneva Accord. The U.S. is also deporting selected prisoners to camps outside of Iraq (another contravention). U.S. press reports also talk of shadowy prisons in Jordan run by the CIA, where suspects are routinely tortured. And the estimated civilian death toll of 100,000 may well contravene the Geneva Accords prohibition against the use of excessive force.
Canada’s war crimes law specifically permits prosecution not only of those who carry out such crimes but of the military and political superiors who allow them to happen.”
Thomas Walkom, Toronto Star

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