Twice Eleven

I almost forgot about it, but today is my birthday. This twenty-second anniversay of my birth snuck up on me, but so far it’s been pleasant enough. It’s sitting in the rocking chair sipping vanilla-laced cola as I type this, talking of back-in-the-days, emulating old age with great vocal prowess. It’s rambling on about days before the internet, when the Commodore 64 was high-tech and when Hero Quest was the keenest board game to be found.

In honor of the nostalgia conjured up by my realization of the date, I’d like to point you toward a Hero Quest adaptation for Windows that you can play to get a taste of my favourite board game of all time (the rules and play style have been altered, but the map, characters and general feel remain intact). The game is still quite fun to play for me even now. I ran a game last Sunday with some friends, in fact.

I recently returned to using a AudioScrobbler, a site which compiles a database of the music you listen to (with a plugin for one of a good number of media players), giving you a list of recently listened to songs, top artists, top songs, recommendations and other interpretations of your music data and that of the large community the site boasts. I find the site useful for discovering artists that I may have overlooked in my musical wanderings. If you’d like to see what I’ve been listening to, you can visit my AudioScrobbler profile page here.

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