New Year

Another year has passed, as full of tragedy and beauty as any I can recall. We began the year with a divided, warring world and little has changed, but perhaps a tsunami, with all its terrible, natural force, can spark some real compassion. I’ll be doing what I can to cultivate it in myself.
This year has brought what feels like a world of change for me. 365 days ago I don’t think I could have imagined having the life I do now, or that I’d have evolved in the ways and extents I have. It’s all part of the beauty of change, though, and I’m thankful for this magnificent journey I’m in the midst of. I’m rested and ready for 2005.
Just over the summit that was midnight, I suppose it’s a good time to take stock of where I am on my journey. I want to focus on the new beginnings rather than what has been left behind or change that already took place, because I’ve documented most of that throughout the previous year. On to the paths I’m about to explore.
I’m poised at the start of one of the most important endevours of my life and one of the most obvious and hardest to solidify revelations I’ve had. I’m a writer. Writing is an essential and driving force in my life. I love doing it, feel a tremendous joy when creating and sharing it. How I didn’t fully embrace this before baffles me, but writing is what I want to do in life, the medium through which I want to explore and relay my discoveries, all the beautiful and foul aspects of this vast Life we must claim as our whole. I have years of honing my craft ahead of me, years of stagnation to make up for and a great uncertainty waiting on this road. Could I make a living writing things I feel passionate about and proud of? I honestly don’t know, and I still hold a lot of doubt about the quality of my writing, even once it becomes enhanced by the learning and practice I’m setting before me. All I know is that I will be writing for the rest of my life and sharing it however I am able, infusing my words with as much evolution and love as possible.
2005 will be a year of hard work and my spiritual path may very well hold the greatest challenge. It’s my intent to step up my work on this aspect of my life, to meditate more often and to take up some other activities that will help to nourish my spiritual growth. I’ve been testing and accordingly reshaping my beliefs and I feel I’m ready to delve into the questioning and exploring that will lead to the next stage of my personal evolution. I’m excited to find out how I’ll move forward and ready to work for it.
During the next year I wish to be more proactive in promoting and participating in the various social movements I feel strongly about. I’ve had causes that come in and out of my focus through the past years but few I’ve put the degree of consistant and sustained effort into that I wish to. For the first time I’ll have the means to contribute modest financial support and I now hope to write frequently on the causes I believe in, perhaps spreading some awareness.
I’ll surely encounter other new paths in the coming year, but, at this moment, I feel these three aspects of my life need the most attention.
To compassion and evolution may we all be moving.

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  1. Hi there, I just got here through Blog Explosion and wanted to say hello. You have a very nice design for your site and the entries I've read are quite good, too.

  2. Denise, I'm glad you enjoyed my layout and entries.

    Coco, thanks on all three counts, and Happy New Year to you as well.

    BB, thanks, I certainly hope I'll be able to make a positive impact.

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