Pieces of the Eve

Over the past few days I’ve been caught up in making my apartment more serene when I’ve not been working or reading. I’ve finally gotten it to the point where it feels like a place I can really live in instead of so much empty space. Making the living room into a place I will actually want to spend time in when not entertaining guests was the thing that tipped the scale, engaging me in the largest space for most of my daily activities.

My new laptop should finally arrive during the coming week. I expressed before how much I’m looking forward to getting it, and my anticipation hasn’t diminished. So much functionality and convenience will be in that small box that it’ll surely alter how I go about many things. Oh the bliss having all my music with me here at work again will bring.

The last day of 2004 was quite a nice one. While I’ve been working this night, I’ve still been feeling surprisingly good. In no small part it’s because before coming to this lovely old hotel I was able to spend time with a new friend and two of my enduring ones.

Earlier this week my new friend Randee and I decided we’d hang out on Friday. We’ve been talking for a couple weeks, recently having amusing, lengthy phone conversations and she suggested we meet.
After hearing from her that she was getting ready and agreeing to meet in the mall, I headed there a bit early to look around and possibly make use of some money I had been given for Christmas. I ended up being seduced by two items I’d later mount on my wall, a beautiful, large copper lizard (given the name Love Lizard, beating out Azie after a discussion of names)and a wall hanging that features quotes from the Dalai Lama.
When it came time to meet Randee I headed toward the spot we were to meet. I saw someone I thought looked a lot like her and who seemed to recognize me and we just sort of stared at each other (she did say “hi,” but I didn’t hear it), I unsure if it was her (since I had never met her in person before). We passed each other and I soon realized it was indeed her when she came over to where I sat. I ended up feeling bad that I’d essentially blown her off.
Even with that wrong-foot start, things went well. We headed back to my humble abode, where I got into the task of placing my new hangings on the wall they’ll help to make less empty. I must say they look mighty nice. I walked around my apartment in squeaky boots and was shown some of Randee’s photos and drawings before we headed back to the mall to play pool.
Both of us are rather poor pool players, but the many bad and barely completed shots provided a fun time, if not a demonstration of skill. Of course, I find pool, bowling and similar sports to be most enjoyable when played with the least amount of skill and as much good humour as possible.
After snacking on some pretzels (I had forgotten just how holy those are!) we caught a bus and headed downtown. There I met with Wanda and one of her friends and said goodbye to Randee. We talked a while as we waited for April to arrive, finally having a good ‘ole (though short) time like back in the day when the three of us would hang out.

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