We R in need of a musical RevoLuTIoN!

This afternoon I discovered Esthero‘s new E.P., We R in need of a musical RevoLuTIoN!, one of 2004’s numerous overlooked and underappreciated gems. I’ve admired Esthero for quite a while now and I was thrilled to see that she had released new material.
This new E.P. comes with a message encouraging us to influence media, specifically radio and music video channels, to demand and create diversity and channels for musical expression.

We live in a world where in the same week a man who is accused of statutory rape can also have the largest selling record of his career. Where we are numb to witnessing burned-out and freshly bombed neighborhoods in a land far, far away… but Janet shows us a little tittie and we are nothing short of “shocked” and “appalled.”
This song is a call to arms. It is a call to my pirate sisters, to my rebel brothers, to demand MORE. More from every moment of your life, but especially to demand more of radio stations, of video channels, of the so-called “keepers of the keys to the kingdom.” It is meant to inspire and to motivate–not to offend. I want this to be very clear: This song is not meant to be a personal attack on Ashanti or Britney Spears (both of whom, I am willing to bet, are also bored to death of radio)… I was merely trying to make an example of the fact that we overplay and over saturate only a few artists at a time… leaving little to no room for any others. We have no variety. We are stagnating. I am concerned about us, all of us who truly love music, to whom music is a soundtrack of the key moments of our lives, and yet stand idly by while our airwaves are controlled and polluted by people who program music so it doesn’t interfere with the frequencies generated by the hamburger commercials they peddle. I really do believe that “what we hear DOES affect our hearts.” We are on a bad musical diet and we are getting sick. I mean, a little sugar and extra cheese is great in moderation… But we need veggies and water to SURVIVE. I don’t know about you, but personally, I’m starving.
There are revolutionary musicians all around us, ready to nourish and enrich our lives. It is up to all of usto stand up and demand that they be heard.
So here is my humble offering, fresh from the oven, homemade with love. Dig in and enjoy.

This title track is pop perfection, with Esthero’s vocals at their best, superb programing and instrumentations (some programming done by Spooky Ruben, one of my favourite musical artists, and guitar work by J. Englishman) and lyrics that strike home the song’s message while remaining altogether catchy and radio-friendly (I use this term with the full sense of irony it holds in the context of a song challenging radio norms).
The five tracks that follow are likewise nourishing, but two stand out most for me. “Everyday is a Holiday (With You)”, a song co-written by Sean Lennon (who plays piano, keys and guitar on the track), is a highly enjoyable, light and sweet love song. Track five is the smooth, sexy and creeping “I Drive Alone,” a track that can’t fail to get me swaying.
Esthero always offers some of the very best music and has always impressed me greatly. We R in need of a musical RevoLuTIoN! presents some of her best work, delivering a taste of the musical salvation we’re hungering for. Don’t deprive yourself of such beauty.

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