Mulled Cider, Viri and Motes

I’m sipping mulled cider I made this afternoon in failing hope it’ll help defend against a cold that has crept up on me. It’s a minor cold (at least I feel it as that way) one that’ll likely be gone in a day or so, but I’d still rather not have the unpleasant sore throat. Perhaps apple cider today will do something more than just make my spirits higher.

There has been extensive coverage of the recent tsunami tragedy everywhere recently, and I think that’s a positive sign. As horrible as it was, I have hope this will help to build some compassion and awareness of the world in our many disconnected hearts. I hope that if you’re able to you’ll make an effort to provide support for those devistated by this natural disaster (one of my favoured charity groups is The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, an established, effective and responsible group.). If only we could move with the same sureness to halt the harm caused by war as we are doing to provide relief for this tragedy (tens of thousands are dead in Iraq, millions have died in Sudan and many other conflicts rage on).

Last week I read Terry BrooksTanequil, the second book in his High Druid of Shannara trilogy. Tanequil is as rich and exciting an epic fantasy as all of the other books in Terry Brooks’ Shannara world, filled with facinating characters, fast-paced and twisting plots, surprising fantasy elements and a great consistancy of language that brings the world and events into vivid life. The strength of this book was, for me, the theme of selfishness in love that was especially apparant in the second half of the story. I was quite impressed with the protrayal of the lead character’s selfishness and how integral to the story it became. Terry Brooks always surprises me with new elements in his stories, and once again with this book he proved to me why for years he’s been one of my favourite fantasy writers.

One of my favourite new discoveries online is Link To Strangers, a beautiful and touching series of photos of strangers, taken ever day over the course of a year. December 19, July 17, July 15 and June 4 are ones I have become fond of.

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