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Through the fog there’s always the lighthouse’s beacon. Beyond the blizzard a hearth ever waits, aglow with the fires of friendship and home. For a grasping mind there is the bliss of learning to let go.
I’m feeling the fogginess I mentioned yesterday lifting gradually and am finding myself thinking with something approaching clarity. I finally gave in to the fog, enjoyed the momentary standstill and watched it lift. I enjoyed some time not willfully doing anything and now feel my clockworks poised to turn.

I discovered an amusing photo blog, Stand By Your Statue. It documents the travels of John and some of his friends as they stand by statues and imitate their poses. There are, at the very least, a few chuckes in store there.

You may recall that last month Bush visited Canada, specifically here in Halifax. If you’ve read my journal you may also recall that I was involved in the protest of Bush, his policy and his visit. One focus of our protest was opposition to his proposed Ballistic Missle Defence program, an inititive which has been shown to be ineffective, is incredibly costly, will not truly protect us and which has already prompted an increase in international tension and arms production.
Today word has leaked that Bush used his visit in an attempt to bully, threaten and force Canada into the BMD program.

“[Bush] leaned across the table and said: ‘I’m not taking this position, but some future president is going to say, Why are we paying to defend Canada?’ ” the official was quoted as saying.
“Most of our side was trying to explain the politics, how it was difficult to do,” he said.
But Mr. Bush “waved his hands and remarked: ‘I don’t understand this. Are you saying that if you got up and said this is necessary for the defence of Canada, it wouldn’t be accepted?’ ”

U.S. diplomats had assured their Canadian counterparts that the prickly issue wouldn’t be raised during Mr. Bush’s visit.
But it came up at the private meeting with Mr. Martin and the president unexpectedly raised it during a major foreign policy speech in Halifax the next day.

Pentagon officials blamed an unsuccessful test launch last month on a “minor glitch” in computer software. They say they may never publicly declare when the shield is fully ready.
“Bush tried to bully Canada on missile defence” – Globe and Mail

How can Canadians be expected to support BMD after this thinly veiled threat that the U.S. would not help us in the future if we do not join up? Why would we want to sink our resources in an untested, unproved and never-to-be-ready system? Does Bush truly believe the Canadian people are so gullable as to take the word of a few agenda-driven politicians that this system will protect us when all evidence shows otherwise?

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