Checkouts, Taxis and Rings

While waiting in line at a grocery store checkout tonight I had an humorous exchange. Ahead of me in the line was an older couple and a second cashier stood behind them talking with them and the on-duty cashier, carrying on a lively conversation about the woman’s upcoming (or it may have been just past) birthday. As the couple was finishing up their transaction the woman turned to me and, in an excited voice said, “Oh my! What gorgeous red hair! Do you dye it?”
“No, it’s natural,” I replied.
“My first boyfriend had red hair,” she exclaimed, her voice rising with glee, or romantic nostalgia, “It always takes me…”
The cashiers and I had quite a good laugh as she wistfully trailed off into some odd sort of passion. She commented that I must be having a party, since I was buying a couple big bags of Crispy Minis and shared mock-admonishing tsk, tsks before she moved off with her husband. Leaving the store, I smiled at the lady as I passed, she waiting with a cart for her husband to bring the car near the exit.

For a while now I’ve been trying to figure out who someone reminds me of. One of the girls who works at the corner store I frequent has always seemed somehow familiar to me but not in a way I could recognize. A few nights ago we introduced ourselves as I was checking out and after that she said, “Well, I’m happy to serve you with your juice and chips.” (I had rice chips and apple juice.) Though her appearance is quite different, the way she said it held the same half-mad tone and manner I associate with Tori Amos. While walking to the hotel I was bemused by the odd connection.

Tonight I went to a free showing of Ong-Bak with my longtime friend Sascha. The film’s made up of top notch martial arts action and a good dose of humour. The stunts were apparantly all done without doubles and they stand up to the best you’ll find in any other film. Among the highlights was a prolonged three-wheeled taxi chase scene. The plot was weak, as is standard in action films, but if you enjoy martial arts cinematography then you’ll likely enjoy this one.

In the less general interest aspect of my life, my younger sister Ilea has become engaged to her boyfriend (now fianc?). I’m very happy for the two of them. There was little doubt they’d end up at this point, but I was a bit surprised that Greg would choose tonight to propose to her. I suppose Valentine’s day would be too clich?.
I feel partly ancient, old maid-like. My little sister is engaged. I remember back in the day when she was only crushing after boy bands and that guy from Boy Meets World. Time flies.

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