Going Somewhere

Wednesday I walked walked along Halifax’s waterfront. It’s not an especially beautiful or impressive place visually (see this travel video for an idea what it’s like), but it holds centuries of our history and some rather strong pieces of my own. The old wooden piers have absorbed the laughter and tears of countless souls and has felt the footfall of followers of every path.
I have some pleasant memories of one December visit to the waterfront with a dear friend of mine who was then my lover. Whenever I visit there those memories in particular bubble to the surface of my mind and, even now that I’ve come to terms with all that relationship held, there’s some nostalgia for the time I spent with her.
I find it facinating how memories can link to places so strongly. I have many places that I can not separate from the memories I have of them. Especially when I visit somewhere with a loved one there’s an imprint upon the place that colours how I view it. I’m left wondering how far from the objective truth our memories can get. I’m confident most of mine are accurate, but who’s to say how much is filler our brains concoct? Here’s to the beauty of that mystery.

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