For Mother’s Day my sister Ilea, my father and I took my mother out for dinner at a nice (but nearly unknown) Chinese resturant near Ilea’s home. I’d eaten there once before and very much enjoyed the food. This was the first meal I’d eaten with my family in the five weeks since I became a vegetarian and the first time eating at a resturant in that time as well. I was tempted by some very nice looking dishes with chicken in them but I was quite content to stick with the meatless foods. Chow mein and breaded mushrooms will always be favourites of mine and I indulged in plenty of both.
My family tends to light heartedly joke and I received a few directed at my change but they’ve been mostly supportive of the choice, though my mother has some issues with it still (She’s a bit old fashioned in some ways, as her years of asking me to cut my hair would prove.).
After we’d eaten we talked for a fairly long while about politics and the current political strife happening here in Canada. In case you’re unaware, there’s been some corruption among the ranks of the ruling Liberal party and it now looks as though an early election (barely more than a year after the previous one) may be forced by the Cons (Conservatives of the ilk of Bush and Republicans). As far as I know, my father has been voting mostly Liberal for a long time but recently he’s shifted more toward the party my sister, myself and everyone I care to associate with supports, the NDP (New Democratic Party, our most socially progressive of the 5 major parties). We had a good talk about what we’re concerned about in North American politics; the disgusting growth of Conservatism is apparant to all of us and, the most dire symptom of a corrupted continent, the growth of fundamentalist Christianity is incredibly troubling. I’ll be writing more about political issues and the struggle to keep our country from moving further to the right later, but I wanted to touch on my family’s political dynamic.
Overall it was a pleasant afternoon spent with my family, who I see quite infrequently these days. Though we’ve all been living altering lives in the past couple years I find comfort in the ease with which we are able to come together when we do and enjoy company and conversation. I’m certainly blessed to have such a cohesive and accepting family.

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