Small Sphere

What’s been happening in the small sphere of my direct experience?

Friday I received a call to arrange a job interview that is now set for next Thursday afternoon. As I wrote before, wearing a suit is a rather foreign experience for me, so I’m afraid the greatest challenge of the interview will be learning to tie my tie properly. I’m currently working a job I’m very happy with; thus, the stress factor that would otherwise plague me isn’t too much of a distraction in this. I’m thankful for that.

When I got home from work this morning I saw a large stuffed penguin (he’s named Pengui) sitting beside a sleeping form on my usually vacant fouton. My friend Wanda came into the city yesterday and is making use of my neglected living room. She went to a David Usher concert last night and tonight she’ll be seeing The Tea Party. Needless to say, I’d prefer to be in her shoes (she bought some kickass pirate shoes!) than here working, but I’m happy for her. It’s also her birthday today, so I’ll be bringing home a bag of Ringlos (we have a history of enjoying those funny chip-like things) for her when I leave this old hotel.

I’ve been enjoying 43 Things, a site that crosses goal setting lists and social networking to form a diverse and dynamic community of support for whatever you’re trying to get done. It’s certainly an idea that has a lot of potential, even if just for organizing our lives a little better. Want to know what my 9 current goals are?

  1. make mixed CDs for my friends 
  2. re-design my website
  3. create a website layout for my friend
  4. prepare a writing project
  5. Minimize existing clutter and excess possessions
  6. write daily
  7. meditate daily
  8. stay up all night wandering around outside
  9. be

I’m trying to keep my goals short term and focused. I’m hoping this will work well and leave me with my May transition finished on time. Wish me luck.

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