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Tonight I’ve been reviewing various Nucleus CMS (the wonderful open source content management system I use here at Frozen Truth . com) plugins that I want to implement in the new layout I’m creating for my site. I came across one for implementing Gravitar‘s globally recognized avatars and discovered that project to be, frankly, a great idea. I’ve often pondered how to implement community between outward facing sites (as opposed to inward facing sites such as Live Journal) and this project offers a way to have global avatars for all the blogs you visit (assuming we can get folks to implement this, of course). Afterall, isn’t it a fine idea to break down the anonymity of the internet here and there to explore personality? Give it a try and sign up. On the first of next month my site will start matching gravitars with the e-mail addresses you use in comments.

I’ll leave you with my weekly music charts:

Weekly Artist Chart

Week prior to May 15, 2005, 09:00
1 The Tea Party
2 Collide
3 Tom Cochrane
4 Tegan and Sara
5 Eric Clapton
5 Fiona Apple
7 Rush
8 Gorillaz
9 Butch Walker
9 Marvelous 3

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