Audioslave, Justice, Evolution, Grady and Tea

I’ve been listening to an advance of the new Audioslave album, Out of Exile, which is mighty fine. It hasn’t grown on me as quickly as their first release did, but I have a feeling it’ll end up one of my favourites. Be sure to pick it up on the 24th.

I’ve always respected the band’s social conscious, so I was pleased when I discovered that Tom Morello had worked to form Axis of Justice, a non-profit organization with a goal “to bring together musicians, fans of music, and grassroots political organizations to fight for social justice together.”

“We aim to build a bridge between fans of music around the world and local political organizations to effectively organize around issues of peace, human rights, and economic justice.”

There’s plenty of good stuff on the website, from protest and activism information to music and concert information. The current “Freedom Fighters of the Month” are RAINN, a very improtant organization in combatting sexual assault and aiding its victims.

Via the Axis I came across a link to a marvelous comic that presents a satire of creationist thought, “The War on Rationality.” The comic compares defense of creationism with defence of teaching children that reproduction is only a theory and that stork-delivered babies are a viable explaination. It boggles my mind that people still deny that evolution is a fact. Come on, everything’s evolving before our eyes, from our minds to moths.

Today, while out running some errands, I spotted Grady‘s first offering, Y.U. So Shady? Canadians will remember the front man, Gordie “Grady” Johnson from his days with the legendary (fantastic, loud, and thrilling) Big Sugar, which spawned some of the most catchy genre-bending tunes you’ll ever hear and established Mr. Johnson as one of the world’s foremost guitar slingers. Y.U. So Shady? presents new takes on some Big Sugar tunes and new songs to captivate a new audience and remind us loyal enthusiasts why we fell in love with this music. Big Sugar was a perfect mix of blues, rock, reggae and jazz but Grady is a different beast, a darker reinvention that’s what Mr. Johnson describes as “trying to find the common ground between punk, metal and gospel” and Big Ben as “a cross between AC/DC, John Lee Hooker and Satan.” Trust me, it’s good. Or don’t trust me and find out for yourself. Grady’s gonna light things on fire.

I enjoy tea and love to experiment with new flavours. The problem for me is being motivated to drink tea often; I’m more of a coffee person so I only make tea about once every couple weeks. I’m setting a goal to drink more tea so that I can make my way through the 9 or 10 boxes I currently have (and then feel justified with experimenting with new flavours again). I’ve downed two mugs full of Celestial Seasonings’ chocolate caramel chai so far and I’m about to go for my third. It’s good stuff.

Posts that jump from theme to theme are one reason I’ll be glad to implement multiple categories and keywords for entries in my new journal. Nah, there’s no point in keeping on topic, I say.

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