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I always write with music playing; it’s the wind that gets my mnd’s windmill cogs turning. It’s often hard to find the proper music to fit the mood I intend for writing and especially so when I’m in the planning mode I am at the moment. I’m creating the outline for what I’m calling a pre-apocalyptic socialist love story and I couldn’t seem to get in the headspace for disaster and struggle (becuase I’m in good spirits at the moment and would write happy, inane things if not constricted by my aims). Who should come to my auditory rescue but a familiar voice of adversity and who had been in a happy headspace himself in recent years?
Today I lucked into an advance EP of Billy Corgan‘s (formerly of a little band called The Smashing Pumpkins) new album, The Future Embrace. Judging from the four songs I’ve heard from this new album, Billy has returned from the too-happy days of Zwan with an album that’s both closer to his work with The Smashing Pumpkins and fresh and invigorating. At the moment, the track “Mina Loy (M.O.H.),” a song based on the thought of Chicago being hit by a dirty bomb, is helping to move my cogs in the right direction for dreaming up the events of my story and some characters’ features.

On the topics of Billy Corgan and creation, I’ve been enjoying his “Confessions.” On his site he has been posting frequent pieces about his life before and during his time with The Smashing Pumpkins that are quite insightful and well written. If you’re at all interested in the creative process, music making or the contrast between being poor and being a star, you may find yourself captivated there. Today I read “5 Years” and was able to relate to Billy’s experience in the search for work quite a lot (though my hair, unlike his, is not to be cut).

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