After many days of rain, Tuesday was a day of perfect weather here in Halifax. The next few days look like they’ll be similarly wonderful weather-wise, so I’m trying to come up with some activities to take advantage of that during my days off. I’m considering doing some camera-armed exploring (in part to get some shots worthy of the empty sidebar slot) but need ideas for where to go. Do any of you locals know of somewhere that might be worthy? Or even want to tag along or drag me off on an adventure with you? I’m flexible.

Next Tuesday may be quite an ordeal. I checked my voice mail just now and discovered that I’ll have four hours of unexpected (I was told this would begin a week and a half before the hotel opens) paid training for my new job on that day, followed by twelve hours of my current job. I do believe my Wednesday will involve some sleeping in instead of my usual walking all over.

My new site is freshly launched and I’m quite pleased with it overall. What do you time-generous visitors think? I do welcome feedback (and the occasional ego-bruising).

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