Love, Truth, Beauty, Hippos

If all goes as planned Susana will be visiting here for a few weeks in July. I’m completely thrilled at that prospect; I’ve been smiling a lot since she told me she would visit. I’m sure those passing me today as I went to buy groceries thought I was mad because of the grin that kept creeping onto my face. What can I say? I’m quite smitten. I’ll admit to being worried too, though; things have been going wonderfully so far and it would be a shame for that to end.

One of my favourite webcomics is A Softer World, a weekly jaunt into photographic weirdness that can be touching but is usually irreverent. I went looking in the archives last night for my favourite strip so that I could share it. “Yes, I believe in love, yes, I’m a dreamer. But I’m not alone, there are more of us than you suspect, and we’ve got bombs, truth and beauty bombs.” Now that’s magic. Where can I find some of those truth and beauty bombs?

Also in the world of webcomics, I found a new one that breaks out of the typical webcomic mold. Owen, the creation of Paris Raupach, tells the story of a Hippo that survived the tsunami of December 2004. It’s based on a true story and features a fresh art style that I’m looking forward to more of. It’s certainly worth the short time to read the opening segment, so go read.

I’ve given you reflections, love and comics. Be content. Good night.

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