Love and Not Love

Susana will be visiting here from June 28 until July 18 and has booked her tickets. I’m very excited to be able to spend time with her and show her some of the things I love about this city. Everything’s still very fresh with Susana and I, but it’s also been familiar and comfortable in a lot of ways; we have quite a lot in common and haven’t had any conflict so far. It’s surreal to me how everything has happened in the past month but it’s left me feeling better than I have in a long while and very optimistic about the future.

Did you know that TV doesn’t love you? It’s true and Preshrunk, the great t-shirt blog, has shared a post and a t-shirt, “TV Doesn’t Love U,” that says it nice and clear.

If it did Fox News would be off the air. MTV would actually play music videos. Reality show actors would disappear after the season of whatever abysmal show they’re on is over. Sitcoms would gracefully slink away when they stop being funny. The evening news would actually report stories instead of sensationalizing them.

So let TV down easy and move on. I did and I’m better off for it.

I’m a sucker for fairytales; ever since I was young I’ve been facinated by them and now I appreciate their worth even more as part of our collective cultural wealth. SurLaLune Fairy Tales is one of my favourite places to find information about the form and to find fine examples of fairytales. One section I came upon tonight is an online reprinting of Canadian Wonder Stories by Cyrus MacMillan. Corrected by the author as he served at Vimy Ridge, it’s a nice selection of native folk stories from here in Canada. From Atlantic Canada (my region) comes “The First Mosquito,” which features the god Glooskap. Those of us who have lived in the sticks can appreciate the sentiment that the mosquito was originally a evil sorceress who became so when she said, “I wish that I might change to something that would always be a plague and a torment to man, for I hate mankind.”

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