Crackle and Fork

Life’s been flowing on pleasantly for me lately. I’m feeling comfortable with just about every aspect of my life at the moment and that’s always nice. Of course there are things I’m working to change and challenges approaching, but I’ve nothing to complain about in my small sphere. It’s time to move ahead with some shaded plotting.

Thursday I enjoyed a day of walking, as I often like to do on my days off. I went for a nice stroll along the waterfront; I took in the touristy sights and enjoyed the salt breeze. I’ve been trying to think of places and events that Susana might enjoy when she visits and that’s one place we’ll likely go. It’s so typical of Nova Scotia’s tourist draws, though. This province is marketed (perhaps rightly so) as a sea-going land, but it’s definitely richer culturally and geographically (though I’ll admit my favourite place in all of Canada is the fossil and stone-rich coast near Parrsboro).

I next visited the library for some bookwormish delight and was not let down. I’m thrilled that libraries here are now stocking the shelves with some great graphic novels; I found Locus: A Love & Rockets Book and am looking forward to finally reading those stories after years of wanting to. I also borrowed Charles de Lint‘s A Handful of Coppers, a collection of his early work that I was likewise glad to find. Love libraries; they’re one of the finest universal social structures we have.

It seems that evening was prom night for some high school students. They were filling the public gardens in their finery and taking photos so I detoured to the adjacent cemetery rather than walk through that. I don’t know if I could choose one over the other; The gardens are beautiful, but the cemetery is incredibly peaceful and beautiful in its own right. I often notice interesting tokens left by people to honor their loved ones. In May I noticed that someone had left a jar of candies by one marker and I imagined it was left by a child for his or her kindly grandfather, who, when in health, had always kept candies of that type for the child when he or she visited. Those very personal touches are always heartwarming to me.

That evening I had two delicious new foods. I tried out popsicles made with real strawberries (it was warm out and I needed to cool down) and now I fear I’m hooked on those. Damn my sweet tooth for being my greatest weakness. I also made some vegetable samosas and liked them quite a lot. My switch to being a vegetarian (I’m now in my third month) has at the very least pushed me to try some wonderful new foods.

I’ve been a Linux fan for a couple years now, but my new laptop was having some trouble running the distros that I had used before (hardware recognition was the issue). I was quite pleased when I tried out Ubuntu, a version of Linux “for human beings,” and had everything work immediately.

“Ubuntu” is an ancient African word, meaning “humanity to others”. Ubuntu also means “I am what I am because of who we all are”. The Ubuntu Linux distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world.

So far I’m liking the setup very much, with only a few minor complaints. I certainly appreciate the approach used to make the OS and the strong community of support it has. If you’re looking to give Linux a try I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this one. It’s a great transitionary OS for those of us who’d like to be rid of Windows.

Thunder and lightning are crashing in the sky above me so I suppose it would be wise to post this wandering mess.

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  2. What a lovely blog you have! I really like the colors…so pretty! You're writing style is very nice as well, consider yourself blogrolled 😉 Have a great day!

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