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Conjure One‘s first album is one of my favourites of recent years and I’ve been following the progress of his (he being Rhys Fulber, also of Front Line Assembly and Delerium) second release, Extraordinary Ways. I’m also a huge fan of Poe, who sang on two of the tracks of that disc and has a remarkable career of her own. Of course I’m thrilled to discover that four tracks from the new disc are up for our listening pleasure at the Conjure One My Space page. The title track and two others not included in the samples are done by Poe and of these four I’m enjoying “Extraordinary Ways” most. How can a minimalist like myself not grin and nod to lyrics like “What I have is nothing to my name, no property to speak of and no trophy for my game, intangible, worthless, my assets on the page, my coffers are empty, any offer of safety has faded away”? It’s a beautiful love song, at its core.  Now I wait and expect my ears will be blissful in late August.

If you’ve been reading my journal for a while you may recall when I wrote about the Jizos for Peace project. Today Gail Ruff, the project manager left a comment on that entry.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I tried Googling “Jizos for Peace” today and got 521 hits!!! I want to write each and every person I found with the search. You had this convenient comment box, though, so you’ll have to be the representative for everyone. We currently have 359,721 Jizos ready to go to Japan, with more arriving every day. (We will keep accepting them until the end of time.) We are also getting our bodies ready to go to Japan. Stay tuned at http://www.jizosforpeace.org for a daily Blog of the pilgrimage this August.

Go take a look at their site if you have a chance. It’s a wonderful project and could certainly use your support.

It’s damn hot here in Nova Scotia. My friend Mark summed it up nicely.

We’re definitely having some bizarre weather: right now, it’s 37 degrees in Halifax. It’s only 20 degrees in Los Angeles. Things are backwards!

Yeah, it’s unseasonably warm here. I’ve been indoors sleeping or at work for most of the day so I’m not melted or burned to a crisp, thankfully. 40+ C with humidity would be a bit unpleasant to be out in unless one happens to be swimming; people are accordingly flocking to the beach by this hotel.

I favour immigration in general, and especially for my home province. While Nova Scotia (and Canada as a whole) is fairly culturally diverse, there’s still a wealth of cultural and economic improvement to be gained from the infusion of newcomers. Here we’re still predominantly European in heritage, especially in rural areas, and while there’s a good deal of tolerance even so, this homogenization is a great weakness in our ability to adapt and understand the rest of the world. Andrew of The Super Nova Scotian made mention of the immigration deficiency in “Myth Busting 101.” An immigrant himself, he makes some compelling points and links to an article detailing how necessary immigration is for our wellbeing. I’d certainly like to see our diversity amplified and hope our governments take the initiative to open immigration.

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