Farewells After Wishing Coins

Dear holy friends and wayward strangers,

I’m sorry for leaving you hanging during the last five days. I’m sure you imagine I became entangled in some strange mess of twine and pages, so I’m back to tell some brief tales and bring you up to date with an entry that cuts back and forth through time. Let me loosen my sugar-heavy and now lonely tongue and start with the most significant piece of this thread.

This morning I accompanied Susana to the airport for her departure. We were in a cab before seven and at the airport with time enough for her to drink a vanilla cappuccino and I some apple cider before we had to say goodbye. The goodbye was a challenge to hold back tears for. I was very sad to have her leave; I’d enjoyed and treasured every minute of her presence. All too soon the embrace and kisses were ended and I was watching her walk toward glass doors and the vast skies that she’d traverse to return to Mexico. I would soon be on a vacant bus and rolling toward my familiar downtown Halifax.
On that bus I was the only passenger. It’s a strange feeling to be the only person in a coach bus, to have the comfort but not even a stranger in all that space to share it with. I sat drinking a soda with the taste of a Smarties bar I’d just eaten lingering. I’d bought the bar because I remembered Susana had some she was taking back with her when I spotted it. I have a weakness for such small links (and candy in general, as Susana would attest), so I couldn’t resist.
When the bus had been moving for a time I took the folded note Susana had handed me before she left and read. It was a comfort to read her dark-lined words and I couldn’t stop the smiles from creeping onto my face when I came to parts where she joked (such as her insistance I’d miss her especially because no one else “is going to wash the dishes”). In the silence of the bus I let memories echo until I arrived at my destination.

Sunday afternoon Susana received word that, due to an overbooking on her intended flight, she would have to leave here on Wednesday instead of the following Monday. It was quite crushing to have our time together cut short by so much, but I think we made the best of those few hours we shared. I think the shortening made me value the precious moments of contentment even more than I would have otherwise.

If sleep were not stalking me (I slept very little during our last night) I’d share some of my memories, but that will have to wait for tomorrow and the days that follow. For now, you can look in my photo album if you’d like to catch a glimpse of a few moments.

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  1. Thanks Montois. I'm finding it easier that I expected, mostly because I was able to steel myself against the pain of all this.

  2. Thanks Montois. I'm finding it easier that I expected, mostly because I was able to steel myself against the pain of all this.

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