“I’ll be thinking of you, I’ll be praying you’re alright”

Today had all the excitement of a false winning lottery ticket, I assure you.

Lately I’ve been listening to the three Eyes For Telescopes and two Tuesdays albums I have. They’re prime rock and roots & twang albums, respectively, that I assure you are worth every penny you’ll spend to order them. Before you buy them you can listen to samples, so be sure to check out some of my favourties, Eyes For Telescopes’ “Don’t Scream Fire,” “Sandbar,” “Hey Alright,” “My Boy,” “Waving to the Satelites,” “Off the Vine,” and “259th Richmond St. Fridge Song” and Tuesdays’ “The Duelists,” “Never Burn Again,” “Hard to Say I Love You,” “Bangor, Maine,” and “Lets Build a Horse.” Some of the most fantastic songs are not shared as samples, but take my word each disc is a keeper.
Today two discs from members of both bands were waiting for me in the mail. Dan Currie‘s A Cared For Place and Pat Deighan‘s (Pat was also in Strawberry, one of my all time favourite bands) Night Light are both solo albums that break away from the artist’s previous work but still carry a familiar feel. Night Light is a wonderfully meodious mix of songs that range from rockers to ballads. It’s an incredibly solid album; the songs are loads of fun and catchy as hell with not a one to tempt you to skip it. “Ants in the Sugar,” “Lost at Sea,” “Stones Throw Away,” and “Your Hometown” are my early favourites. A Cared For Place has a gentler feel, with much more of a roots flavouring (and a healthy dose of the twang that defined Tuesdays) among its cohesive songs. It has a distinct retro feel but the songwriting is strong enough to overcome any inclination to write it off as rehash or a cheap imitation. “Postcards,” “Tiny Planet,” and “Winter Blue” are the tracks that are stuck in my head after a few listens. I have a feeling this will be an album to always play in full, though.
Sandbar Music Group, which is the label for Pat, Dan, Eyes For Telescopes and Tuesdays, has always been superb to me. The roster is impressive (I’ve loved all I’ve heard from the label) and the people there truly care about the music and customers. Don’t hesitate to put your full trust in them. I know I’m looking forward to the launch of their downloads store so that I can fill out my collection. I especially interested in hearing Nikkie and Catherine MacLellan.

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