“Dream what you want me to be”

I’m listening to Matthew Sweet’s “Time Capsule” at the moment. I often let it slip from my mind that he’s a master of combining somber lyrics with pop perfection. This is good, though, because it’s a joy to rediscover his music each time. If you want a CD to gave you an introduction to his work, Time Capsule is a good place to start, though his albums are certainly best when listened to as a whole.

What has this cocooning soul been up to? Well, lets start with Friday.
At work we began the day with a walk through the hotel we will be working at and the hotel across the road (between the hotel my boss and I passed two old women who quietly remarked, “They must be Mormons!” I think it’s safe to say that I’m as far from being a Mormon as anyone.). In the afternoon we toured Alexander Keith’s Brewery; it was an entertaining time, with the highlight being the singing of the woman at Stag’s Head Tavern. Next we took a tour around the harbour on Theodore Tugboat, which is something I’d be happy to recommend to families wishing to see Halifax from a different perspective. We finished off our “work” day with some time in the Discovery Centre, a place I visited countless times as a kid.

Saturday I embarked upon an Enfield adventure. I headed out to that sprawling backwoods metropolis with Robert, Rebecca and Nathan in a car that required one of us to sit upon Rob’s surf board. I got that honour and I must say it wasn’t pleasant for my neck. The party was being held at the home of a fellow named Luke and was beside a lake.
At the party were mostly those Enfielders (past and present) that I saw at the party I was at last year. They’re amusing folks and I was able to have a better time this year, being a bit less of a wallflower (and despite the overwhelming presence of testosterone, of absense of estrogen, rather). Among the best moments of the two days spent in Enfield were drunken swimming, drunken singing, sober swimming, hat wearing, truck stop dining and the grand bacon dippers revelation (Nathan, remind me of the ones I have missed). Not a highlight was Rob’s genitalia photo.
I was not informed about the party being on a lake so I didn’t bring swimming trunks. I’m not someone who normally wears underwear (I wear “none-ders” as one druken partier named it), so I didn’t even have that option. Today I gave in and swam in my jeans. It’s not the best swimwear, but it served its purpose well enough and I had some fun in the lake. Between that and my previous days of being outdoors, I have acquired quite a burn (my sunscreen was lost on Thursday).
There’s plenty I could mention about the party, but much of it you’d have needed to be there to get. It was a good time, for sure. One thing I forgot is the poster of “Irish Poets and Playwrights,” which, of course, included Oscar Wilde. This reminded me of Susana since he is one of her favourite authors.

You can find photos from all three days in my photo album.

I looked over the bank near my house when i was coming home and saw a marvelous rainbow arcing across the sky. Rainbows are bridges between here and “somewhere else.” Of course the somewhere else is what we always try to bring into our realm of understanding. I feel very engaged in that journey at the moment and found it a wonderful symbol to reaffirm the evolution I’m undertaking.

This weekend I moved enough to buy tickets to a destination I’d like to visit into my new “Launch Apollo into the Sky” fund. It feels good to do something somewhat concrete to help satisfy my wanderlust. It’s been years since I last left this province, and longer still since I was out of the country, so I’m looking forward to setting forth into the world. I’ve never been on a plane and it’s time to see what is above me and beyond.

“Come and dig for me”

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  1. yeah, I love Matthew Sweet's “Sick of Myself”…that song actually makes me happy, wretched lyrics notwithstanding…;)

  2. yeah, I love Matthew Sweet's “Sick of Myself”…that song actually makes me happy, wretched lyrics notwithstanding…;)

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