Given Sight By Stars

I’ve been back in Dean, my first home, since Saturday morning. My aunt has been hosting a Lemmon family reunion, so my time has been filled with spending time with my relatives. It’s been a good time, with washer toss, animal noises and other inventive games, conversation, food and fireworks filling the day. I woke up not long ago and decided to make a quick update before heading back to the festivities.
It’s been nice seeing my family again; most I hadn’t seen in 7 months and others not for nearly a year. I have some real characters in my family, so it’s always entertaining to spend time with them. I don’t think it’s possible to see them without having a good laugh, and they all tend to be quality people in general.
This was my first family gathering since I became a vegetarian, but everyone was surprisingly accepting and accomodating of my change. Some of my family even made sure to let me know what foods were especially suited for me. I’m very thankful for that ease of transition, truly.
Being back in the country holds one exciting difference that I never tire of or neglect to feel wonder for; the stars burst forth from the sky with such brilliance here. When I stare up at them for the longest of times I feel a deep sense of connection with the universe, from all I don’t know to those I love deeply. It’s humbling and exciting at once to know we’re all part of something so vast and beautiful. If we’ll all be bright flames in time, why doubt the beauty of what we are?

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