Still, I Spin My Compass

I’ve been sitting in a robe, enjoying the simple luxuries of ice cream, tea, incense and fine tunes. It’s nice to have a night for relaxing here at my apartment. For eight nights straight before Saturday night I was working, so I haven’t had the chance for prolonged comforts in a while. Life’s damn good when you know to appreciate the best of what’s already here.

Saturday night I was invited out to take part in a gathering with Enfielders and Friends (many of the same folks who brought us Enfield Adventures). We began by gathering at Chris and Micalea’s place, where antics were taken part in, music listened to (I introduced Chris to Last.FM and I do believe we have a new convert there.), a film watched and conversation had. Odd things come up sometimes. For instance, my new crop of beard was praised by Robert and we discussed methods for improving growth.
While there, Robert suggested I take part in a program similar to Locks of Love that he intends to contribute to. His mother recently had cancer treatment and thus he learned of the program for children who lost their hair during medical treatment; he’s been recruiting people to take part, he tells me. I figure that by the time he’s grown his hair long enough (his hair is quite short now) I’ll have mine plenty long to cut without missing the 10-14 inches too much. Those close to me know how spiritually important my hair is to me, but helping others has more value, so I’ll most likely take part.
After a while we headed to the Alehouse, where we met up with even more Enfielders (they’re all invading Halifax, it seems). I had quite a good time there, in no small part due to the excellent cover band, Frisky Biscuit. The music was a mix of really fun 80’s and 90’s songs, including the Fraggle Rock theme, which I think was a request made by the crew I was with (it was preceded by a happy birthday wish for Micalea), Collective Soul’s “Gel” and The Zit Remedy’s “Everybody Wants Something” (you all should remember this if you watched the Degrassi series).
Two odd things happened while there that I found amusing. When we arrived, a group of girls wearing odd clothing passed by and one said, “Look, red hair!” Another girl came up, held my hair and kissed my cheek, quite unexpectedly. Later, while passing through a crowd a girl came up to me and asked if I had a condom. Not being in the habit of carrying them and having no interest in her, I of course said no. Perhaps I’m just unaccustomed to pub customs, but going around asking for condoms seems slightly off.
After a stop-and-start walking adventure I said goodnight to the Enfielders and headed home. As I had to reassure Robert a couple times, I have fun with those folks. Every time I hang with them I enjoy myself more and come to appreciate their unique combination of wackiness and fraternity.

I’m about to start practicing for Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is coming up on the 19th of September. I’ve always enjoyed pirate speak, so I figure giving it a shot for a whole day will be fun. If I’m not working that night, I figure I should at least get an eye patch and pirate hat, but we’ll have to wait and see.

After TLaPD, the next great holiday will be Halloween. I’m especially excited about this year’s festivites because they’ll include the finest benefit single ever to be released. “Do They Know It’s Hallowe’en?” is a brilliant satire of west-centric benefit songs (like the condescending “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”) and simply a great song released by the North American Hallowe’en Prevention Initiative, collection of some of todays greatest musical performers and their friends. Among the stars are Beck, The Arcade Fire (the biggest and best (tied, respectfully, with Stars) indie band on the planet), Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sloan, Peaches, Feist, Wolf Parade, Postal Service, and the ever astounding Buck 65. Making this all extra sweet is the fact that all proceeds will go to UNICEF!

To end this all off, here are answers to some questions recently posed to me by a Ms. SarahBee.

1. Describe your vision of a perfect (but impossible) world.
That’s tough. I’d say we’d all be living in socialist, democratic, environmentally balanced, healthy utopias. Of course, you all know I believe we have a responsibility to work for this now.
2. Your number one all time favourite album. Just one.
This is nearly impossible. StarsSet Yourself On Fire is the closest to a perfect album I’ve heard, so I’ll have to go with that.
3. Mac or PC?
I use Windows and Linux, but prefer Linux when configured properly. Macs have some strengths, though, and I feel Windows is going to stagnate further with the next release. So Macs win in a choice between the two despite the big drawback of a lack of compatibility. I’d have to say Linux is by far the best OS for my needs, though (being free, well supported and very adaptable helps a lot).
4. Do you think humanity would be better off without the internet? Why/why not?
Absolutely not. I think it’s an invention that has a huge potential to transform humanity, perhaps more so than anything else invented in the past 30 years.
5. Would you ever get your tongue pierced?
I don’t feel a desire to do that, but I don’t see anything wrong with doing so. My answer is maybe.

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  1. hi,
    I'm interested in hearing more about that “redhead” story, and more about frisky biscuit. (they play this weekend at the alehouse.)


  2. hi,
    I'm interested in hearing more about that “redhead” story, and more about frisky biscuit. (they play this weekend at the alehouse.)


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