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My phone was the avenue of disruption and confusion during my time of sleep today. At 1:00 I was awakened by a call that resulted in a voice mail message asking me to call my supervisor when I woke up. I went back to sleep. At 3:00 my supervisor called and this time I answered. He asked me to take tonight off and attend a training session tomorrow (formerly scheduled as a day off). He called back not long after to tell me to instead work tonight and take tomorrow off. As I was getting some food together for work he called again and told me to change things again, this time to have tonight off and do training tomorrow. So, here I am in day sleeping mode, to be up all night and then off to train tomorrow. Coffee will be my morning saviour.

Last night at work was rather enjoyable. I spent a good part of it talking with my co-worker Rob, who, I’m surprised to find out, is on the same page as I am on most topics we talk about. We covered a wide range of topics, including philosophy, music, education theory, religion, anthropology, animation, films, work eithics and workmanship, plaster replicas of celebrity faces (“I kissed Angelina Jolie’s plaster lips,” he chuckled.), history and food. It’s refreshing to find engaging conversations where I never expected to. It’ll surely make work more pleasant.

Evangelism is the most dangerous religious corruption to hit the western world in centuries, I’d contend, and today brought us another example. Pat Robertson, an evangelist leader in the US, called for the US to assassinate the president of Venezuela, claiming President Chavez is trying to launch communism on the world and make his country, made up of 98% Christians, into a haven for Muslim extremism. (We should remember that Robertson also stated that feminism makes women “kill their children, practise witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians,” all of which, save the first, are not inherently negative and the third a supremely noble goal.) Also of note, another dangerous evangelist, President George Bush, still is trying to make us believe the invasion of Iraq was justified and is helping most Iraqis. From my perspective, any Christian who does not embrace holistic compassion is not following the central teaching of Jesus. I’ve no quarrel with compassionate, reasonable Christians, but something has to be done to stop the rampant spread of Evangelism and the corresponding support of violence and irrationality.

Those of you who do some work in design and are colour lovers might find of interest.

COLOURlovers: a place to view, rate and review some lovely colours & palettes. the idea is to create a place of colour inspiration where a designer of any sort can see new and lovely colours… find out what colours are hot, what work well in other uses… and simply make some love with colour.

I’ve enjoyed looking around and have been thinking of using the palettes “Strawberry Sunset” or “Daytona” in a new website layout. I’m trying to create something that makes reference to “The Great Three” of the beautiful, the good and the true, because I’ve been reading about them the past few nights (I’m in the middle of Ken Wilber’s The Marriage of Sense and Soul). To visually convey them is a challenge, though, especially for someone with limited visual art talents.

I’ll wrap this up by pointing you to Wapsi Square, where today’s comic amused me quite a lot. One certain friend comes to mind, and she’ll surely know it.

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