I’m at work once more, using the internet well thanks to Portable Firefox (the computers here don’t have Firefox installed and we’re not permitted to install programs; Of course, I wouldn’t resort to using IE). It’s certainly helped to cut the tediousness of not having any tasks tonight other than manning the front desk. Supposedly, just a week remains before we open, and I’m looking forward to doing the work my job will entail.

I’m loving the new Conjure One album, Extraordinary Ways. I’m feeling it’s a leap from the previous one, which is one of my favourites of recent years. The tracks featuring Poe and the Rhys Fulber track, “I Believe,” are the highlights for me after the first couple dozen listens. It came out in physical form Tuesday, but it has also been available for download it from Network here. Network is one of those few record companies that realizes the MP3 format is simply better than digital rights protected files (which I won’t ever buy because there is a real potential for them to become unusable and they are not compatable with all software and hardware options) for listeners, so it gets some respect from me.

This week I came across The Canadian Party Political Compass at The Political Compass. It’s facinating to me how our potential range of political options so dwarfs American political scope and yet is still limited to a very small segment of the spectrum. Mainstream politics in the U.S. (meaning parties that hold seats in national government, Democrats and Republicans) is much more confined to facist-capitalist thought than the range in Canada (all parties listed on the Canadian graph are electable). I’ll mention that I’m far out of the mainstream, being at -8.00,-7.90 in the spectrum, a socialist in the Left-Libertarian quarter.

I’m about to begin two days off from work, which will be nice. I might do some bowling, but otherwise am trying to come up with something exciting to spend my days (well, nights, really) doing. If only there were an exciting concert like the one I hope to see on the 21st, the extraordinary Buck 65 at the legendary Marquee Club.

Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.
Washington Irving, writer (1783-1859)

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