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Faithful readers may recall my mention of Halifax’s art lobsters and perhaps one photo (featuring “Rock Lobster”) I took while Susana visited. I recently noticed a new one, “Midnight Dream,” standing near my home. Today I discovered, though a journal entry of a fellow Haligonian, that there is a website dedicated to the initiative of spreading bizarre fiberglass lobsters across this fine city.
The project is named, amusingly, Lobsters in the City and is a fundraiser for The Abilities Foundation of Nova Scotia.

The Abilities Foundation enables Nova Scotians with physical disabilities to enhance their quality of life by realizing their individual potential.
The foundation’s three goals are to enable personal development through programs and services, enhance quality of life by encouraging participation and inclusion and to allow people with disabilities to realize individual potential through education, improved health and independence.

I’ve become more aware of the struggles physical disabilities cause since my uncle was injured and left unable to walk; it’s vitally important that we work to help those with physical disadvantages live well because the physical and social obsticles they face can be incredibly daunting and limiting.

Out of the boat and into the streets…Imagine the streets of HRM filled with the most beautiful, artistically adorned Lobsters you’ve ever seen! Here’s how it works….Local artists, in partnership with sponsoring individuals or organizations, will create a unique design and apply it to the surface of fifty (50) seven-foot high (with base) custom formed fiberglass Lobsters
Once the work is complete, the Lobsters will be displayed in prominent public spaces around HRM, with the majority being placed in the downtown business core. A ‘Walking Guide’ will then be created and distributed to tour operators, hotels, tourist spots, cruise terminals and popular community distribution points, to feature lobster locations and recognize the contributions of our sponsors and artists.
Lobsters in the City’ is modeled after other successful community art projects, such as Chicago’s ‘Cows on Parade’, Toronto’s ‘Moose in the City’ , Miami’s ‘Flamingos on Parade’, Saskatoon’s ‘Pigs in the City’ and Vancouver’s ‘Orcas in the City’. The goals of ‘Lobsters in the City’ are very simple: To raise funds for the programs of the Abilities Foundation of Nova Scotia; To create an event that provides maximum exposure to the sponsoring organizations, artists and Abilities Foundation of Nova Scotia; To produce an event that encourages the ‘Arts’, local businesses and individuals to come together in a spirit of community fundraising to benefit the important work of the Abilities Foundation of Nova Scotia; To generate artistic creativity and showcase Nova Scotia artists; To celebrate in the cultural diversity of our province and promote civic pride; To capture the imaginations of children, adults, and visitors alike.
The exhibit will begin with an unveiling in May 2005 when the first Lobster will be presented to the media, the public and invited guests. The exhibit will end with the Lobster Ball & Auction in October 2005, a black tie gala where the Lobsters will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Some lobsters will be auctioned live at the gala, while the remaining lobsters will be auctioned online. All auction proceeds will go to the Abilities Foundation of Nova Scotia.

Check out the marvelous art that has been created with these lobsters and take some time to learn of the cause.

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