Beauty is a Skill

Tonight, assuming it passed its final inspection, the hotel I work at will open. For the past two months I’ve been working for the hotel but it hasn’t yet opened to house guests. I’m relieved to be starting to do the work I was hired to do, but also a bit apprehensive about being the manager on duty tonight, when the hotel isn’t fully ready to offer the best service possible.

One down side of opening tonight is that I had to do away with a beard I have been growing for a couple weeks. Hotel policy is that facial hair must be kept “neat.” Parts of my beard had not yet filled in nicely, so it had to go. It seems I’m not meant to have a full beard; The first attempt I made at one was cut short by the interview for this very job.
I decided to take some photos of myself in the new uniform I’ll be wearing as a way to record this beginning. I’m not thrilled with the colour choice, but overall I don’t mind the look.

This week I discovered I had some spare card stock hidden away in my closet, so I decided to design a contact card to print on a couple pages. It’s so much easier to hand someone a card so they can stay in touch than to find a pad of paper or something else to write down contact details on, so I figured there’d be a bit of utility to making them. The design was quickly done, but I like the final product. The question now is about whether or not I’ll end up using them.

I was walking home one evening this week when a girl on a bike passed me on the sidewalk. I was struck then by the beauty she radiated as she sped by. Her dreads whipped about behind her and there was something about how she carried herself that revealed a strength of purpose and conviction. I walked on and knew contentment to have witnessed beauty. More and more I find a lasting pleasure in fleeting things. Perhaps it’s a lessening of attachment.

I suppose I should catch a short nap before I prepare for work. Wish me luck and keep the quote I’m about to leave you with in mind.

Kindness in words creates confidence.
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.
Kindness in giving creates love.
– Lao Tzu

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