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For a long while now I’ve been studying and adopting Ken Wilber’s integral model. I can’t begin to express how deeply it has impacted my thinking and awareness in the most positive of ways. I’ve been incredibly excited by the coherency and validness of this map of everything. I may be showing my colors as a spiritual and philosophical geek, but it excites me to find a way to integrate the wisdom of such varied fields as spirituality, sexuality, psychology, ecology, medicine and art into a whole that allows each to be what is yet strengthens our understanding and abilities in each of them.
I’ve been reading and listening to Ken’s work and the works of others in the integral movement for some time, as I said, but today I made a leap in my involvement in the integral movement by joining Integral Naked, a site sharing multimedia discussions and expressions in the integral mode.

Integral Naked is a multimedia doorway to the world of integral awareness. Conversations, performances, live events—all involving the most influential, provocative, and important thinkers and leaders in the world. Often these are moderated by Ken Wilber, considered the most influential integral theorist today, and his colleagues at Integral Institute.
“Integral” simply means comprehensive or inclusive. The core of Integral Naked is a series of intense, raw, straightforward discussions that cover a full sweep of contemporary issues—from business to personal growth, from education to meditation, from politics to ecology, from sexuality to spirituality. What would all of those look like if they were integral instead of partial, whole instead of fragmented, balanced instead of broken?
We supplement the weekly dialogues with video clips of teachers-in-action. Whether covering the finer points of a theory of mind, or giving pointing-out instructions for your own Big Mind, these bite-size clips will put a face to those extraordinary voices.
Integral Naked is also a platform for the artistic avant garde. Through video, concerts, readings, and experimental journals, the voices of the future are being heard today. Integral artists are often a part of IN-Live events, which are open only to members of Integral Naked. We feature their cutting edge work in the Avant Garde section of the site.
Finally, Integral Naked is a lifestyle. It’s the expression of body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature. Integral Naked exists for you. It’s your access point to the community, the conversations, the art, and the vision that is defining what it means to be fully aware in today’s world.
Naked Awareness

During a couple hours this morning I took a look at some of the sessions that appealed to me at a glance and was deeply impressed. The discussions on environmentalism and the need for corresponding human development (or at least development of governance to legislate that people to take care of the world), how fundamentalism is the root of terrorism (Ken talked about how nearly all terrorists are egoic and belong to a fundamentalist culture, be they Christian abortion clinic attackers or Buddhist subway bombers) and the development of morality, especially sexual morality, were incredibly engaging and clarifying. In addition to the discussions, the performances by such luminaries as Yungchen Lhamo, Billy Corgan, Stuart Davis and Saul Williams were incredibly enjoyable (Incredibly enjoyable? Hell, the performances done by Yungchen Lhamo blew my mind!). One of the real strengths of IN is the diversity of topics and media shared through it; I’m sure I’ll have more media to absorb through it than I’ll know what to do with, but I do feel it’s of high value.
Integral Naked is a service that costs $10/month, but does offer the first month free. After only a couple hours as a member, I feel certain it will be a very worthwhile investment, if only for the sheer magnitude of quality media. Ok, it’d be worth it just for the Yungchen Lhamo performance. Yes, she’s that great a singer. Make no mistake, though, the discussions are the highlight. There’s a ton of insight to be had.

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