Naked and Wandering

There’s something surprisingly nice about waking up on a cold morning. Lying naked in the chill air is invigorating. As I tried my best to cover myself with the lone sheet I use, I felt particularly alive, in part because of my cold feet. I was soon taken over by nostalgia for camping when this feeling cames over me; many a morning felt that cold and crisp while sleeping in a tent.
A couple days after that moment, I’m sitting here at work and minding a complaining stomach that will be soon filled with some meatless chicken burgers and maybe some tea. It’s been a quiet night, but somehow I forgot about eating while being caught up in conversation and the tasks I’m charged with.
I’ve been delving further and further into Integral Naked these past few days and I’m still thrilled to be able to take in all the richness it offers up. I’ve made IN a part of my daily media absorbtion, along with Daily Sonic on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and the various other websites I frequent. I’m finding my thinking is becoming clearer because of the integral approach and the discussions I’ve been listening to. Integral has resonated with me from my first encounters with it because it provides an inclusive, comprehensive and eloquent map of all that is. I find it very compelling to see it come about through both polygenesis and transmission, which supports its fundamental integrity and realness.
I was talking last night with Sara and she shared with me some writing she did relating philosophy and journey. In response, I wrote out a brief version of my own take on the relationship.

Divinity is in processes, whether creation, evolution or discovery. Travel, when approached properly, is a mission of discovery, so it’s thus a manifestation of spirit. Just as creation and evolution always happen, so must discovery. If we are to be spiritual, to be holy in the sense of manifesting our potential (spirit), we can never stop taking part in those three things.
The evolutionary aspect is most important, because it’s spirit’s greatest drive, to become as full, healthy and whole as possible. To deny any part of this unfolding, to enduce stagnation, is to deny spirit.

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