Splinter Boards and Bricks

Tonight at midnight I had intended to start writing my NaNoWriMo novel, but fate had a very different night in store for me. I returned from a walk around 10pm and set myself to tidying my apartment. At 11 I tried to open the drawer of my dresser, which I use infrequently, as it holds mostly out-of-season clothes, only to find the drawers jammed. Long story short, I ended up breaking one drawer and then spend the next couple hours breaking down as much of it as possible. I’d planned to replace the dresser by Christmas, but it reached its end a bit prematurely.
My grandfather built it by hand years before I was born, and it served me well all my life. It was a sturdy piece of furnature, a relic of the days when things were made to last. Decades of use finally wore it enough that it simply had to come apart, though. I imagined a bit more sadness in parting with it, since it’s been with me over 20 years, but there’s a nice sense of closure in knowing I used it with care until the end.
When I had removed all my clothes and decided to part with a large number of them, I discovered a black Lego brick at the bottom of a drawer. It’s been years since I last played with Lego, so it was quite a surprise for me and perhaps more nostalgic than what now lies as boards in my closet. I couldn’t count the days I spent building landscapes, buildings, vehicles and imagined creatures with blocks like this one that sits before me. I’d say I owe much to that time of imaginative construction.
Now I’m about to start a task that will call on much of what that time of play nurtured as seeds. My evolution has taken me a long way from those days, but I’m working with Spirit as a sub-creator, however much more consciously. I only hope I can work with as much enthusiasm, dedication and lack of fear of failure as I did back then, though I do hope the results will reflect the passion, growth and spirituality I’ve cultivated since.
I’ll get some sleep now and share some more when I wake.

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