Taking Stock

Here is a personal development exercise that I did, taken from Steve Pavlina‘s “Truth and Awareness” podcast. It’s a quarterly analysis of my current situation in various aspects of my life. I’ve ranked 12 areas of my life and written a paragraph about each, asking, “how am I doing in this area right now?”

Work [7]: I’m really quite content with my work right now. I find it satisfying in a number of ways, from providing a moderate challenge, having co-workers I like and having some nice benefits. My only real complaint I could come up with is that I don’t often have the chance to go to concerts and do other weekend-centric things.
Financial [6]: My financial situation is stable but limited. I make end’s meet, but I don’t have a lot of money for even little luxuries. I’m thankful to have the resources I do, but I’d certainly like to improve this aspect of my life to at least include the ability to travel more often.
Relationship [5]: I’m currently single, so this aspect of my life is stable, but one I’d like to see improve. I’m a romantic at heart, as most of you know, so I do have a wish to have a lover again. I’m not actively seeking that, but always am open to whatever will arise.
Home & Family [6]: I currently live alone, save for Mithra, my cat, so my interaction with my family is limited. I do enjoy spending time with my sister, parents and extended family, but that’s often not possible. My apartment is a very nice home for me, and more alive now that Mithra has filled some of the emptiness my livingroom used to hold.
Physical Health [7]: I’d say I’m quite physically healthy. I’m rarely sick and generally have plenty of energy. A change to a vegetarian diet has been very helpful in increasing my health through the first 8 months. I would like to continue to increase my physical well being, especially though a plan to have a routine of yoga, weight training and swimming as part of my days.
Mental [8]: This is likely the aspect of my life I feel most enriched and evolving lately. My study of all things integral has been expanding my cognitive understanding of the world termendously, and I can’t see that slowing down anytime soon. I certainly feel I’m undergoing a rebirth in this area.
Social [6]: I’m not an especially social person by natue; I’ve always been someone who preferred to have a handful of dear friends to having a large group of friends. I do, however, have a deep desire to become engaged with a community.
Emotional [7]: I think I’m doing well emotionally. I’m often happy and content and very seldom depressed or down at all.
Spiritual [7]: Spiritually, I feel I’ve come a long way, but I do need to apply myself more effectively to spiritual practice, especially in creating a daily meditative practice.
Character [6]: I’d say I have a strong character overall, but I definitely would like to become less of a procrastinatior and increase my impulse to create.
Contribution [5]: I feel I do contribute to society a fair amount, but I want to become more actively involved in the social movements that I feel strongly about, especially to promote integral thinking in ecology, politics and learning.
Fun & Adventure [6]: I find this part of my life to be one of the weaker parts of my life. I don’t often have the time or resources to have the fun I’d like. My wanderlust suffers from this more than anything else, and that’s definitely something I wish to remedy in the next year. if possible, I intend to travel outside Canada for the first time since the road trip I took across the continent when I was a kid.

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