Evolving Though Beats, Food and Music

I’ve been undergoing some really exciting experimentation during the past couple days. I recently discovered Centerpointe Research Institute‘s Holosync program and began its initial stages. Holosync is a meditation enhancement that uses binaural sound to alter brain states. The science behind it is really quite promising, both to understand states of consciousness and to enable human evolution.

Holosync uses the binaural beat to modify one’s brainwave pattern. For example, if a frequency of 100 Hz is played into one ear and a frequency of 108 Hz is played into the other, the brain will naturally synchronize at the difference between the two: 8 Hz. This is the binaural beat, and in this example the brain would have shifted into a low-alpha state. (See this graphic.) Brain-wave technologies have been demonstrated to help shift one into alpha, theta, and even delta brain states. Moreover, as the carrier frequencies are changed, various types of deepening of brain states have been observed.
Brainwaves and God

What this enables us to do is accentuate and accelerate meditation by enducing states that would otherwise take months and years to enter into. Not only do we attain states, but, though the same dedication required for meditative growth, reach actual higher stages of development.
Those of you who know me and have talked with me about dreams will remember that I’ve remembered very few of them in my life, no more than a couple in the course of the year. One of the most startling and immediate results of the Holosync work was the ability to remain lucid in a dream state reliably. After my second thirty minute session, I’ve been able to move through the theta state with clear awareness, somthing I haven’t encountered in my traditional meditation practice and rarely recall having had in actual sleep.
Yesterday I discovered that synchronicity was at work in my life once again when I found some conversation recordings (see Brainwaves and God, parts 1, 2 and 3) on Integral Naked between Ken Wilber and Bill Harris, the founder of Centerpointe, on the huge potential science has for enhancing consciousness. This should not belittle traditional meditation, of course, because masters such as Wilber are able to, while being measured accurately, control brain waves at will, even reducing them to unmeasurable levels.
I’ve experienced definite state changes very quickly, so I have no doubt the system works in that manner, but I’m still taking it with a healthy amount of skepticism. And even if this turns out to manifest all the promise I’ve heard of, I don’t want it to become a replacement for my traditional meditation, because I understand that there are some states that can only be accessed, as of now, though that discipline.

Tonight I made my very first tofurkey dinner and it was delicious. I didn’t manage to have one during Thanksgiving last month, so I decided to catch up when I spotted a tofurkey roast at a local grocery store. I’d forgotten just how wonderful it is to have roasted parsnips and carrots, but I’ll have enough leftovers to savour them for at least one more day.
I’ve been having wonderful foods lately as part of my drive to experience more cultural delights. I recently made some Thai red curry rice that I was especially proud of. Anyone who knows of the 20 pounds of rice I’ve been holding on to for many months will know it’s about time I started making a dent in that.

Through IN (yes, yes, I can’t stop writing about Integral) I’ve discovered the work of Saul Williams, an astounding artist who has worked in music, spoken word, fiction, acting, screen writing and who knows what else. His mastery of language is really inspiring and his delivery is so deft that both my co-work and I were floored when we watched a live performance that was broadcast on IN. What is especially exciting about Saul is his intent, to get us down with Spirit.

“I’m not a crusader for hip-hop, or for language, even though I deal with words. I deal with words to point at the spirit. You know what I’m saying? I’m more concerned about the evolution of humanity. And the music that I make, be it hip-hop or rock, and the language that I use, be it spoken or written, is aimed at invisible things that one can only connect to through prayer and meditation. and my concern is seeing that meditative state becoming reality in all of our lives so that we can live peacefully; not just with each other, and not just in some government standardized version of the Martin Luther King dream way, but in a way that is harmonious with the universe and that is beyond militarism.”
-Saul Williams, LitKicks

His most recent album, a self-titled effort, is a great place to start, and you can preview it at his site. I urge you to do so.

I’ve been pointed to a new site, Pandora, a couple times this past week. It’s a custom music station site that, through my experiences, tries to do what Last.fm has been doing much better for well over a year. It’s not a bad site at all; in fact, it’s one of the more promising music sites out there. It’s just not nearly as good as Last.fm, a site I’m entirely enamoured with. If you’ve already tried Pandora and want something more, be sure to check out the site which provides a greater leap in how we listen to music online.

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