“I’m Lost Inside Your Time”

I’m wrapping up a pleasant night off, relaxing with my demonic Mithra in my lap. Earlier in the day I took some photos of him and I must say he’s damn photogenic, especially compared with the fellow in the photos with him, of course.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I’d ordered some Thai fisherman’s pants. Today my first pair arrived and they’re amazing. I’ve never worn a more comfortable pair of pants and I think they look sharp as well. The range of movement is very nice, and will certainly come in handy when I step into a yoga practice and begin a more disciplined weight routine. One cool aspect of the pants are that they are unisex and one size fits all. Again, I had to break out my camera and show them off. They’re the best pants I’ve ever had (I may have finally found an alternative to my much-loved black jeans) and are really affordable (these were $6), so I highly recommend you give them a try.

This weekend I had a visit from my parents. They were actually, along with 8 other relatives of mine, staying in the hotel I work at, so I was able to spend some time with them, my aunt Lucy, uncle Larry and some of my cousins before slipping down to work Saturday night. My mother, having come from a flea market on Sunday, brought me a really cool faux flower that she told me was made from some other plant. For the life of me I can’t remember what it was, but it’s a beautiful addition to my living room decore. My mother is convinced I need to teach Mithra to be a calm, sedate kitten, but I’m not so sure his energetic, though a bit violent, nature should be overridden.

I’m quite happy with my holiday preparation this year. Not only have I sent out all my Christmas cards (if you didn’t give me your address or receive a request for it, drop me a line), but tonight I bought the last of my Christmas presents, including one for my Secret Santa co-worker. I’m thinking I did well in picking out appropriate gifts, especially one really hilarious one for my future brother-in-law, Greg.

I’m trying to come up with a colour scheme for a new Frozen Truth . com layout by using Colour Lovers palettes. I want to shake up what I’ve been doing here in a number of ways, including a sharper, more integrated layout. I’d appreciate any suggestions you might have to offer, as I’m hoping to get the next incarnation ready this weekend.

Speaking of colours, I recently was reading about an amazing new toy that has some promising technology behind it. Zubbles is a new line of bubble solution that creates brilliantly coloured bubbles that become entirely clear when they pop. Popular Science has shared an excellent article on the 11 years it took the inventor to create a workable product. The quickly fading dye has a lot of inventive potential uses, as the article shares.

Among the ideas Kehoe has already mocked up are a finger paint that fades from every surface except a special paper, a hair dye that vanishes in a few hours, and disappearing-graffiti spray paint. There’s a toothpaste that would turn kids’ mouths a bright color until they had brushed for the requisite 30 seconds, and a soap that would do the same for hand washing.
He’s also thinking outside the toy chest, mucking around in the lab on weekends making things like a Swiffer that leaves a momentary trace showing where you’ve Swiffered and a temporary wall paint that would let you spend a few hours with a color before committing to it. The dye’s reach is so great that there are even biotech and industrial uses being discussed. “We’ve got stuff in the works I can’t talk about that’ll blow bubbles away,” he says excitedly. It might take years, but, knowing Tim Kehoe, we’ll see them eventually. After all, it’s only a little extra work.
– Popular Science, “The 11-Year Quest to Create Disappearing Colored Bubbles

Word is that Zubbles will be the biggest toy of 2006, and I’m ready to believe it. If I’m excited by the prospect, how can kids everywhere not fall in love with the idea?

I recently tried out a test at LiveCareer that points out our work-related interest and aptitudes. I found it quite accurate, and I think it helps support my tentative decision to return to school part time to test the waters of a psychology degree. You can find my results in an entry in my About Me section.

I’ll leave you with some more pants-related fun. Here’s a tune my friend Nathan created under his Dead Smurf moniker, “Where Have My Pants Gone? (Because I Just Lost My Shorts)“. More can be found here.


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