Wrists and Beyond

Tonight I checked my mail to find a package from Pixel Girl Shop, a site that sells beautiful handmade items from a number of artists. A couple weeks ago I ordered a black leather cuff and one of Smoy‘s Brooklyn photo cuffs. I’m wearing both right now, and they feel great on my arms.

The photo cuff is a really cool product and I’m planning to run a little project with it for my website’s new incarnation (coming in the next 24 hours, if all goes well). I’ll be putting four photos into it each week and would like some submissions from my friends, especially photos of yourselves. If you come up with a photo you think I should be sharing on my wrist, then e-mail it to me or otherwise send it my way.
I don’t imagine it’s hard for my long-time friends to put two and two together and realize I’ve been on a bit of a spree when it comes to adding clothes to my wardrobe. The cuffs today are just one part of a rebirth of my presentation. I’ve long been working on being a minimalist in nearly all aspects of my life, but I’ve made a conscious decision to change my presentation to reflect the inner growth I’ve undergone in the past year. My wardrobe hadn’t changed much in the last half decade, so it’s time to reinvent some. After the first pair of fisherman’s pants I mentioned, I received a pair of silk thai fisherman’s pants and a thai-style shirt. I’ve also ordered some other new shirts, including a trio from Threadless. The designs at Threadless are all very inventive and I couldn’t resist having “E=MC Escher,” “Best Friends Forever” and “Bleeding Heart.”

I mentioned that I still haven’t created a new layout for my website, and I do have a reason. I had some unexpected changes in my work schedule that left my weekend filled with work and the today with sleeping. Now I’m making a final colour choce and modifying the design I sketched out on a piece of paper last week. Wish me luck on this endevour.

WoodMoor Village recently shared an interesting Buddhist Christmas story found at a Manitoban Buddhist site. “A Buddhist Christmas Story” is a Chicken Soup for the Soul-flavoured story with a Buddhist moral of non-attachment and the dangers of materialism. It’s short but potent.

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