Mundane Happenings

I have to open with an exciting bit from Stuart Davis‘ blog before I get to the mundane happenings in my life. He recently shared news that Ken Wilber (only the greatest philosopher we have and, as Stu says, “the World’s foremost benefactor and genuis when it comes to perspectives”) has developed a revolutionary Semiotics.

Wilber’s Integral Semiotics is a linguistic revolution so stunning once you absorb it, it renders your old relationship with signifier, signified, syntax, and semantics undone. Again, you will be hearing more of this…
… Flat language is for Flat people. I’ve spent a lot time developing sytems that are intended to unpack the multi-dimensionality of words, vertically and horizontally. Well, yesterday Ken blew the vertical doors off my language. Truly. His revolutionary insights -an integral semiotics- is going to fundamentally change everything it touches, everyone who encounters it. In one day, it radically transformed my language Is, and I wish I could say more people, but you’ll have to wait and read more about it as it unfolds. You will be seeing concrete examples and descriptions of Ken’s integral semiotics soon, and also what happens when it is applied to a human being like me, or a relationship like ours, or a language like Is, and once you experience that, the flat language we once used will shrivel like the vestigial organ it actually is.

It may be the linguist within me, but I’m very excited to learn more about Ken’s contribution to the understanding of language and symbols. He’s already caused everything else he’s explored to explode, so I’ve the highest anticipation to encounter this. Congitive orgasms are about to abound in the realm of language.

I spent New Year’s Eve at Brian Larter‘s place with a bunch of his friends. I’d only met a couple of them before, so I expected it to be a bit awkward, but it turned out to be a very pleasant evening. Cranium, karaoke, gingerbread house smashing, tiny, entertaining kittens, Clone High and general drunkenness made for an amusing time. It was actually nice to hang out with a group of people outside my usual circle.

January 1st I sadly had to go into work to replace a hungover co-worker, breaking up my six day stretch of time off. It wasn’t too bad, and my return home actually held the least pleasant part of the day. Mithra had decided to attack a roll of toilet paper and the remains of it were scattered across my washroom and into the living room. He’s an evil fluffball.

Today I headed out into the chill with two goals in mind. I would buy a wall calendar and then find some items to send in Susana’s package. I didn’t manage the former, as hard as I tried, because there are few fitting calendars available that I’ve been able to find. As a consolation, I picked up the seventh volume of Tezuka’s Buddha, two issues of Brian Wood‘s new series Local, which uses the same one-shot format of Demo, the new remix album from Death From Above 1979, Romance Bloody Romance, and a Chinese wall hanging. I’m very excited to read the comics and am enjoying the album right now.

I spent this evening hanging out and playing Risk with my friends Nathan, Andrew and Allison. I hadn’t played the game in a long while, so it was good to exercise my strategic capacity again. It’s nice having a number of gaming friends available often so that we can have sessions most weeks; since leaving the apartment that Nathan, Greg and I shared a couple years ago our gaming has been sporatic.

Quit yawning. Or keep going. I know it’s appropriate. However, I do have the second, long delayed, week of photo cuff photos.

From left to right we have Ashley, Mithra hanging with a Buddha statue, a maple sap bucket and the ruins at Point Pleasant Park. For this week I decided to go with some mismatched ones, but I’d like to go with a theme for next week. Send me some photos of you dressed warmly so that I can have some warm images on my wrist to keep me thinking cozily when I’m out in the cold.

DoCopenhagen’s Top 50 Music Videos of 2005 is one of the coolest wrapups I’ve encountered so far. There are some fantastic narratives and visual experiments there, but M83‘s “Don’t Save Us From the Flames” video is my favourite of those I’ve seen. I’m going to set about finding the band’s albums soon, because this track is swirling though my head.

Thanks to Susana I’m now craving dulce de leche fiercely. I wonder if there is any store in Halifax that would sell some. I suppose I can only hope continental trade is working as well here as it is there; she found Smartie cookies in a local grocery store there.

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