I’ve been feeling increasingly luminous lately. It’s hard to express the root of it without sounding trite, but the confidence and energy that comes with increasing awareness and oneness truly is illuminating. When I walk along the sidewalk or sit silently on a bus, I notice whatever is around me with a greater clarity, interest and sense of communion. Smiles seem to fall into place for both of us when my eyes meet another’s on the sidewalk more often, and that in itself is heartening. There’s nothing quite like beginning to wake up and hold deep hope in evolution.

I’ve been going non-stop for the past five days. I’ve stopped for little other than sleep, food and an occasional spell online. It’s been nice to keep so active, especially during a rather long time away from work.
On Tuesday I met with John, Mark and Nathan for lunch. It had been a while since I last saw John and Mark (how very biblical those two are), so I was pleased to be able to see them. After lunch I was able to be present and contribute to the birth of Marks finest layout for Shiny Plastic Bag yet. I’ll be sure to point you to the site again once he makes it public.
Soon after I met with Allison downtown and proceeded to spend the next few hours wandering around downtown. We stopped in at Little Mysteries and I picked up my third hematite ring. They break often for me, but I enjoy wearing them, so I get one when I think of it.
Today I dropped by the local library and picked up 7 books I’d requested, some of Rumi’s poetry and the rest the few Elfquest books I’ve not yet read. It’s a special feeling for a book worm, I believe, to be encumbered with books; as much as I prefer digital books, I can’t help but romanticize a bag of hardcovers.

I’ve been neglecting to write a new piece explaining who I am now. The last time I wrote one about 8 months ago, and I do feel I’ve changed significantly since then. I’ve taken to truly embracing change. I’m not one to speak of change and then not change anymore; I go ahead and evolve, letting words catch up when they will.

Have I mentioned that I enjoy Count Your Sheep, even though it’s far too cute?

I should be off work from the 25th until the 28th, so I’m hoping to get together with some friends over that weekend. Do any of you have any ideas? If not, I’d be up for holding some sort of gathering at my place.

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