Divinity is Erotic

Divinity is erotic, and mystics know it. Why else would an enlightened master write such love-saturated words as “Let these words fly though time to someone coming. You know who you are… This love has nibbled on your ear whispering secrets that don’t make sense to anyone else.” Rumi was a lover. I’m sure I don’t need to delve into tantra or the approaches to sacral sexuality found in each of the great mystic branches to express this. Eros is in all things, afterall, from spirit to seed.

It’s all well and good to be making love with everything, to be taken up in the grace of divinity, but the solid aspect of eroticism is in the sensual dances we share with each other. I don’t often go into details of my romantic and sexual life, but I’m in the mood at the moment to share some of the erotic media I’ve been enjoying lately. I find them nicely balanced in their appeal, and I hope you’ll find something to enjoy with your significant other or to warm you through these winter nights.

The image included with this entry is from Beautiful Agony, a site that I’ve been enjoying for a couple months. Beautiful Agony focuses on the faces and voices of participants as they approach, enjoy and bask in the aftermath of orgasm. I appreciate the intimacy of this focus on the personal experience a great deal, and especially like the fact that there is a diversity and genuineness in the people who submit their video.

Beautiful Agony is dedicated to the beauty of human orgasm. This may be the most erotic thing you have ever seen, yet the only nudity it contains is from the neck up. That’s where people are truly naked.
The videos were made in private by the contributor (and sometimes their partner). We don’t know what they’re doing, or how they are doing it, we just know it’s real and it’s sexy as hell. Make your ears blush by putting on your headphones and turning the sound to eleven.

It’s beautiful, it’s real and it’s arousing. There isn’t erotic media of any sort I would recommend more highly. You can view the clip the still above is from in Windows Media Player or Quicktime directly with these links. If you choose to sign up at Beautiful Agony, I’d appreciate it if you did so through the link here, as I receive a free month of membership for every two signups through my referral.

I discovered Violet Blue’s Tiny Nibbles and Open Source Sex just this past week. Open Source Sex is the part of her work I’ve explored most so far. Subtitled as “erotica, sex ed and more with sex educator Violet Blue,” OSS is a podcast that beams out erotica suitable for those lonely nights with your portable media player. Her selections come from a wide range of erotic writers and fall into various niches of the genre. While every story isn’t my cup of tea, she does read some really spicey ones that have left me impressed with her delivery and the quality of the writing.

Box Mag is an online magazine that embraces the weird, unusual and sexy in a distinct way. The two PDF issues so far have been a real mixed bag, but there are some definite gems among the oddities. “Big Game” from the second issue is one piece that I liked quite a lot. “Like a Virgin” from the first was hot, and that’s not just my liking for pink-haired girls directing things. “Ladies First”, a look at American “first ladies” was amusing, especially the shot at Mrs. Barbara Bush.

And here we are. I hope you’ve enjoyed my sharing of the erotic.

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