Blizzards of Keys

I’m warming myself with some white tea, the first cup of it I’ve ever had, fending off thoughts of the massive amounts of snow that were dumped upon us during the blizzard that the night and morning were absorbed by. The tea is nice, with a subtle sweetness. I feel enlivened by the contrast between here and the outside.

It’s beautiful outside, but I imagine it’s less pleasant to be out in than to watch from the stairwell of my building. As beautiful as winter is, it doesn’t take long for me to be tired of it. Spring could arrive any day now and I’d be content with that. And no, it’s not just the promise of maple season, which I miss being a part of so very much.

It’s hard not to be concerned about what is happening in America; even though it is a failing superpower, it still has immense influence and can cause great harm (just as it could create wonderful good under the right leadership and cultural momentum). Spying on people within its borders and beyond, holding to mislead foreign policy, and poorly managing aid, among other issues, have troubled me constantly during the current administration’s reign. Matt Good recently touched on these and other points as he took on Bush’s recent state of the union address in “Captain America to Save the World“.

For Christmas I received a desk calendar that features quotes from the Dalai Lama for each day. One of the recent ones, “Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly,” especially resonated with me. I think it’s important to note the emphasis that great spiritual teachers often promote rule breaking. Afterall, how can we make discoveries without veering off the path?

Darwin Day is coming up on Feb. 12 and will celebrate Charles Darwin’s birthday and the anniversary of the publication of On The Origin of Species. We owe a tremendous amount to Darwin’s understanding of evolution and we certainly should be thankful for the many benefits that understanding has granted us. With narrow and disturbing movements among fundamentalists to hinder teaching of his theory and those like it, it’s important to be vigilant in our defence of knowledge and to value it. To add some humour to that resolve, these Charles Darwin Has A Possee stickers are a good fit.

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