Tea Leaves

I’m on to another cup of tea, a green tea flavoured with tropical fruits this time. It’s as good as Andrew, who tried it first, said. I’m attempting to try each flavour from a kit I was given for Christmas and this makes two of twelve. I’m in the midst of a sleep schedule adjustment, so it may be that I’m killing two birds with one stone. I’ll keep making these fairly rapid fire posts in hope that will keep me up too.

I take great joy in seeing others engrossed in the creative process and enjoying it themselves. Even when Pegah drew me as a five-year old alien, it was nice to watch her draw. I miss being deeply involved in creating. Typing entries can be rewarding, but I crave story creation a great deal. I’ve been drinking in media a lot to stir up the coals of creativity so that I’ll have no choice but to weave stories. I hope it will work.

I just came across Bounce Back to Life, a cross between a webcomic and a blog. Ol’Dan takes moments from his life and posts them as marvelous comics. I’ve added it to my frequently read RSS feeds and look forward to following his posts. I’m glad he has a feed because a frustratingly large number of webcomics and some blogs still haven’t adopted one.

I’ve moved on to a cinnamon apple green tea, which has a taste far too faint for me. While not disgustingly artificial like some apple cinnamon teas I’ve had, for this is made with natural flavouring, it could be distinguishable. The teas I’m currently trying ara all from Uncle Lee, in case you’re interested in trying the same selections I am.

Ever since I was a kid one of my favourite artists has been Tom Cochrane, a man as well known for his immense contribution to Canadian music as for his tireless dedication to social work around the globe. I found one quote by Tom about his biggest hit, from a recent issue of Greentoe to be worthy of sharing.

DB: I was caught by surprise by the meaning of Life is a Highway. Many people I know, thought of it as a party road trip type of tune. It goes much deeper.
Tom: It is a party song in a sense if you consider that a party is a celebration , with Highway it’s a celebration of life and doing what you can when you can and really don’t sweat the rest because you can’t control everything … that’s how the world gets changed … with good will in good faith translating into good actions… good faith in the John Paul Sartre sense … doing what’s right…. the Buddhist’s would say “joyful participation in the sorrows of the world”

If any man lives that, it’s Tom; I’ve been endlessly impressed by his commitment to the wellbeing of others. Oh, and take a look at Tom’s iPod playlist for some underknown and well known tunes. Also on his list of all time favourites? Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene and Neil Young. The guy has good taste, no?

As if in answer to my wish to be writing, I’ve been recruited into script writing for Allison’s silent film that I’ll be playing the role of a minstrel in. It’s going to be an interesting one, that’s for sure. Drunken nobility, giants making princess stew and a two-four are already part of the plot. The Kidnapping of the Princess: An Epic Story of Danger and Love is going to be a blast to make, I’m sure. We’re looking to set part of it here.

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