Warm & Cold

Monday afternoon I met with Pegah at the HSC and then spent the rest of the day with her. We’d been talking often, but hadn’t spent more than a few minutes on the 13th together. We watched Mirrormask and played with Mithra for a while before deciding to walk to Sir Sanford A. Fleming Park. It was a cold day, but with pleasant company it was nice. We climbed to the tower and walked out on a wharf before heading back here, where we had some tea (gingerbread flavoured) and mostly relaxed until I walked with her to where she was being picked up.

The next day we met again and headed for downtown to spend some time with Allison. We had a good time with those two talking artz and the three of us visiting shops, including Little Mysteries. It was Pegah’s first time there, and she seemed quite impressed. I forced myself not to buy anything, especially a couple nice volumes of Rumi’s poetry, one with both translations and the original arabic on facing pages.
Pegah and I walked toward Quinpool when it was time to depart. The wind was chill as we went, but it was heartwarming to have her beside me. It was a fairly long walk in the snowy weather, though I think the post-dusk walk through the cemetery was the longest for her, because she seemed rather creeped out by it. When we arrived at the grocery store she was to meet up with her mother at, we spent a time wandering and talking. I ended up losing every rock-paper-scissors game we played. I fear she’s psychic.

I walked home in the beginnings of a blizzard and was snow-coated when I returned here. I could have taken a bus, but the streets seemed a bit too beautiful to streak past them, the snow flakes magical despite the cold and the streetlamps bright enough to kill the night.

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