Daze in the Life

I’m at work tonight, though I’d hoped to be spending it doing other things. I was called into work because a co-worker is sick. If he still is sick tomorrow I’ll not have my two days off and instead be in for a 10 day stretch. I could use the money, but rest and time to run some errands would be nicer.

It’s been an odd week, certainly one of the more unusual romantically I’ve ever lived. Oh, but it’ll remain shrowded in mystery, because that’s the sort of mood I’m in right now.

Saturday night I went to a gumbo gathering at Chris and Micheala’s place, along with other members of the Enfield bunch. It was a nice time of games playing, food eating and chatting. Micheala told us she had recently been searching for information about a local band on the internet and was suddenly reading about a night the gang had spent at Chris and Micheala’s old place and at a local bar. She was alarmed by this, so much so that she even called Chris to tell him. It turns out mention of my red hair clued them in to the fact that it was my website.

I’ve been feeling the need for another leap in my life. I always want to keep my evolution engaged and be flexible for new opportunities. I was planning to look into doing something to further that tonight, to dive into something exciting, but here I am.

One thing I’m starting to set as a goal is to definitely travel during the first two weeks of November. My lease will be ended on my apartment so I’ll move my stuff out at the end of October and then be on a plane for the first, heading for some unknown destination for two weeks of adventure. I’d appreciate suggestions, offers of excitement and information. Standing in the way of that is the financial aspect, of course, on which I’m going to start focusing some energy in order to have that going smoothly.
If all goes as planned, I’ll return from the adventure prepared to move into a new home and carry over the momentum of whatever experiences I might have into the following year. It’s an exciting prospect for me, one filled with mystery and possibility. I’d appreciate any help and advice that can be offered in making this a reality.

Notice the photo included with this entry? No, I haven’t dyed and cut my hair in the past week. It’s a photo from a few years ago when I had just cut my hair and had fading black dye in it. It’s there in part as a reminder to myself and to clue you in to a movement I’m about to do. Currently I have two separate places where photos are kept on my site, one containing all those since June of this year and one with all those from before then. The latter I’m going to remove and migrate most of its photos into five archive albums in my new, permanent gallery. It’s been fun looking through all those old photos and scans and reminiscing about some grand times. I hope to have the move done very soon.

I’ll put together a new website layout soon as well. I’m still brainstorming for that, though. I’m thinking of centering it more around making my identity clear on my main page. At least then I’ll not have my site cause alarm again.

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