“Don’t talk your talk when you don’t believe”

I’m sitting down with some vegetarian sushi and some lemon chai. I just returned from an afternoon downtown, during which I decided to pick up the sushi. The last time I tried sushi was in October of 2003, when April, Wanda and I tried some from a stand in a mall. I definitely like what I’m having now a lot more. I’m afraid that I have a lot of practice ahead of me if I want to master chop sticks. Maybe I’ll hunt down a tutorial online sometime. Oh, and the tea is marvelous.

As I said, I was downtown today. It has become a usual Tuesday event for me to head there to hang out with Allison. We stopped by the library for a while between shop explorations and I spotted two books by Voltaire (the Goth musician, writer and visual artist, not the Enlghtenment writer). I’m expecting What is Goth? and Paint It Black to be tongue-in-cheek and very entertaining like his other works.

For years my favourite band was Collective Soul, who shaped my youth more than any other single force of art. I still follow the band and have enjoyed their recent output. I’m excited to hear their new release, a live album and DVD with accompaniment by a symphony, titled Home. It came out today, but I had forgotten about it until I’d already returned home. If you can block out the annoying announcer, you can get a hint of Home in a trailer.

Tonight I gave Emusic a try. Focused on indie music, it’s one of a collection of too few sites offering paid MP3 downloads rather than consumer-unfriendly rights managed files. if you sign up for the free trial you can grab 25 free downloads right away, so I decided to grab some songs by Kate Fenner, PUSA, The Marvelous 3, Snow Machine, Mercan Dede, Snow and Voices, Trembling Blue Stars, Love and Rockets and The Cruxshadows (I got some songs from Paradox Addendum to fill out my collection of their songs). I’d recommend giving the site a try, because it’s risk-free. The Cruxshadows are where I’d most recommend starting off.

Mark just pointed me toward a very exciting article. Word is that a cure for AIDS may have been developed and on the way within a few short years. “Has BYU prof found AIDS cure?” notes caution, but is clear this may be the breakthrough the world has been waiting for in the fight against the disease.

Researchers, including a BYU scientist, believe they have found a new compound that could finally kill the HIV/AIDS virus, not just slow it down as current treatments do.
And, unlike the expensive, drug cocktails 25 years of research have produced for those with the deadly virus, the compound invented by Paul D. Savage of Brigham Young University appears to hunt down and kill HIV.

In addition to being a potential checkmate to HIV, the compounds show indications of being just as effective against other diseases plaguing humankind – among them influenza, possibly even the dread bird flu, along with smallpox and herpes.

Let’s cross our fingers for those 50 million lives this has the potential to save.

P.S. I broke down and bought Home online. I’m loving the bonus track “Burn” and all the live renditions of the songs. “Heavy” is wicked with the strings.

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