Living Yoga

I started reading Christy Turlington‘s Living Yoga a couple months ago and slowly worked my way though it as I dove through other books. I think it’s an excellent starting point for exploring yoga. Not only does it introduce some practical concepts and techniques, but also includes a wonderfully intertwined story of the author’s own experiences as they relate to the yogic path. I appreciated how she was able to integrate the disciplines and wisdom of various traditions into her Christian faith. The photos and illustrations throughout are beautiful and bring the book’s grace into focus. Having finished it, I feel more committed to developing my own practice; if I’ve gained nothing else, the book has been a blessing in that way.

Meditation is a way of clearing away the mental clutter that surrounds the subsonscious. And when our minds are clear, we can see and experience the joy of our own soul.
– Gurmukh

The quote above was included in Living Yoga, and I think it’s one of my favourite reminders of how meditation is a path to joy rather than a self-sacrifice without reward. What could be more joyful than becoming more transparent to what is and cultivating love?
I’m looking forward more than ever to the arrival of my ILP package this week. I’m very enthused to incorporate yoga into an integrated practice.

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