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It’s been a busy week for me, hense the lack of time alotted to writing here. It’s been a mostly enjoyable few days. Valentine’s Day was pleasant, even considering my status as single.

I may not have a significant other, but I did have what was ended up called a “weblaunch date” with someone of enviable beauty and wit. I spent that evening working with my dear friend Alisha on her new website, A Hundred Lives. There’s still a fair amount of work to be done on it that I hope we can get to during my upcoming days off, but I like results of the modest start.

Wednesday night I went to dinner at Chives with four of my co-workers. I was incredibly impressed by the five course meal we were offered to get a feel for the restaurant, especially by how accommodating the chef was when I informed him I am a vegetarian. The soup, pasta and ample selection of desserts made for a truly memorable night, as did the interesting conversation among my co-workers (hearing of one woman’s near-death experience was facinating) and wonderful atmosphere of the building, which was once a bank (the safe now holds wine). I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chives for anyone in Halifax in search of a stellar meal.

In the mail that day I received my ILP package, which has been a lot of fun to get started with. Though I haven’t had much time to work with the various practices included in it, the “1-Minute Modules” are ones I can easily do while waiting for a bus or while on my way here. I’m looking forward to trying out the three hours of Big Mind included tomorrow.

A few years ago one of my guilty pleasures was M2M. They were a Norwegian pop duo with what I perceived as a lot of potential. Six years after first hearing them, I’ve had the first single of one of the two, Marit Larsen, stuck in my head all week. The song, “Don’t Save Me” (you can watch the video at her site), is more of the pop both she and Marion Raven created for their two M2M albums, but it has a fresh and infectious feel that elevates it. I’ll now be looking forward to her full release with anticipation.

My new musical discovery of the week was Ursula Rucker and her most recent album, Ma’ At Mama. The album is a sumptuous mix of spoken word, hip hop, electronic, funk and an assortment of other bits. The esoteric “Humbled” and the erotic “Black Erotica” are my favourites at the moment.

I was pointed to Letterfu by my friend Mark. It offers printable templates for creating folding letters that don’t need an envelope to send though the mail. I imagine it’ll grow in time with Creative Commons contributions, but the two designs offered now are really nice.

Speaking of mail, my new camera is waiting for me at a depot. I’ll have it Monday and share some new photos with it then if all goes well.

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