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Today I discovered Jamendo, a site that facilitates artists distributing their musical works through Creative Commons licenses and allowing them to still be paid for their works. That means that listeners get quality free music, creators can sample some music freely and artists have a valuable and rewarding way to distribute their music. It’s an idea that is ripe, I believe. Two of my favourite album discoveries so far are Vinc2‘s Stalactites and Greg Baumont‘s Wood. Copyleft and fine music make me content.

In a recent issue of Forbes you can find their take on “The 20 most Important Tools Ever“. I wouldn’t dispute the importance of any of the tools listed there, but I wonder what will be considered to be the most important by the end of my lifetime. The abacus may have been a precursor to the computer, but can it not be considered a different tool entirely? Will computers not be seen as a revolutionary force that can rival any listed in that article? Subtechnologies like the underpinnings of the internet will surely alter our entire world in ways we can not yet imagine.

Personal DNA is a new personality test that I found to be rather accurate. Other than an empathy scale that focuses more on being influenced by the feelings of others rather than recognizing and sympathizing with those feelings, it seems well constructed. You can see my results in My Personal DNA. Like the Johari Window I recently shared, one of the more interesting aspects of this site is that there is an evaluation by others that is an option. Please do take the time to Psych You / Psych Me!.

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