The image to the left is of a sunset I captured when stepping outside during a break at work. It was a beautiful sight that the photo didn’t do justice to. Experience is always more beautiful than any way we might try to relate it, but we still try to work that magic of reflection. I think it’s part of our evolutionary movement to make every effort we can to have a sense of communion through communicating our experiences with each other. My love of storytelling stems from that, as does my appreciation of art in general. I only hope I can cultivate the grace to pass some beauty along.

I’m in the midst of brainstorming for the relaunch of this site for May 1st and I’d appreciate some suggestions. I’ve been compiling a list of features I want to add or remove, visual elements I enjoy and ways to make the site gel, but I’d like to hear from you what you find appealing. Is there something you’ve noticed on certain blogs that you especially appreciate as a reader? What information do you like to know immediately about an author when you first read his or her blog? Is there something I could do to make my content more coherent and enjoyable?

What is the one thing that ensures I’ll continue to read a blog or other site I initially enjoy? An RSS feed. It’s absolutely the most valuable tool a site can offer me if it wants me to continue to read its content. I was using desktop-based aggregators for a long while, but I found it annoying to not be able to check feeds when I didn’t have access to my laptop for a long while. I made a switch to Feeds on Feeds, a web-based aggregator that I host at my own domain. It makes checking the sites I most love easy no matter where I might be. I highly recommend giving it a try if you tend to hop from computer to computer.

I’m making an attempt to get back into near-daily updates here. I’m hoping regaining that habit will be a way to align a new routine for myself that can bring my other practices such as meditation, resistance training and yoga into a more consistant pattern. As much as I enjoy and benefit from these things I’ve chosen to incorportate into my life, it can be a challenge to fit them into my daily life.

Sometimes the geekery of blogging needs to be shared with the world, and Snap Shirts offers a wicked way to do that. They’ll create a customized t-shirt featuring a word cloud made up of words you use frequently in your blog. My word cloud was made a couple days ago, but I haven’t yet ordered a shirt due to some more pressing demands on my bank account, but I think I’ll be sporting one in May, that special month of transition.

Now, to end my entry on blogging, I’ll leave you with my Blogger Code. B9 d t+ k+ s- u f i o+ x+ e+ l c– If you use the Blogger Decoder you’ll see that means…

I’ve been blogging for over 3 years. I own 1 domain and keep my blog and any other content I produce on the same site. I manage my blog with Greymatter, Movable Type, or other management system Nucleus running on my own web host. I have quite a few links, and I try to check in on them all regularly, or at least periodically. I’ve looked at my stats reports, but I can’t remember the last time I checked them. I link to the standard A-list blogs (Megnut, Kottke, Robot Wisdom, etc.), because I enjoy reading their sites regularly. I try to post once a day, but it doesn’t always happen, and that’s no big deal. I blog from either home or work, but only after my work is done and when I get some free time. I blog some original material with the occasional web link with accompanying personal commentary about the link. I’ve dated and/or slept with another blogger and/or met my significant other through blogging. I have posted quite a few photos of myself, but I was fully clothed in them all, thankyouverymuch. I’ve taken a few surveys or participated in a few memes, but there seem to be so many of them I have to pick and choose. Nearly all of my offline friends, family members, and co-workers know about my blog, and that’s fine.

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