“January, February, March, April, May, I’m Alive”

What a week it’s been! I’ve been working a week straight and I still have 4 days left in 11 days of working every day. I’m getting to the point of being drained, so Thursday can’t come soon enough. In good news, I’ll have the 16, 17 and 18 off. Does anyone want to get together during that period?

If you’d like to know what I’ll be up to at any time, you can take a look at my new calendar. I’ll have my work schedule, special events and anything else I want to share listed there as soon as I learn of them. Now my dear local friends can plan their lives around mine.

In the next week or so I need to decide when to take my 2 weeks of vacation for the year. One option I am considering is to go to Burning Man in Nevada from August 28th to September 4th. A second option is to take two weeks off at the start of November, when my apartment lease is up, and travel somewhere else for a while before moving to a new home. I have a few favourite destinations listed in my 43 Places profile that I’d like to visit. I’m currently leaning toward a November vacation, but I’m still trying to figure everything out. I’d love to hear your suggestions in deciding this as I’m really quite torn. My wanderlust is boiling at the prospect of wandering, but I want to be sure everything works out well.

With all this thinking of calendars and time, I now have Stars’ “Calendar Girl” stuck in my head. It’s such a brilliant tune!

I dreamed I was dying as I so often do
and when I awoke I was sure it was true
I ran to the window
threw my head to the sky
and said whoever is up there
please don’t let me die
but I can’t live forever
I can’t always be
one day i’ll be sand on a beach by the sea
the pages keep turning
I mark off each day with a cross
and I’ll laugh about all that we’ve lost

I must admit I have an obsession with social networking. I think it’s a wonderful avenue for meeting facinating people and have met some of the people dearest to me through one form or another of social networks online (Live Journal being the first for me, half a decade ago). Consumating is easily the most fun of all the social networking sites I’ve tried, combining some cool concepts with a community of geeks to make a lively and engaging experience. If you want to join, you can do so though this invite to be automatically added to my “hot list”. Please do give me a thumbs up, if you’re so inclined. You can just view my profile, if you’d like.

I think it’s safe to say it’s flattering to be pleasantly dreamed about and also to be tagged such heart-lightening things as “fabulousfriend”, “wordsmith,” “too_awesome,” and “your_hair_is_amazing.”

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